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Worms Crazy Golf Review
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Worms Crazy Golf, a sporty take on the traditional Worms franchise from Team17, is now available from the app store. Eschewing weapons for clubs, Worms Crazy Golf features a quirky golfing experience using many of the familiar Worms elements.

Worms Crazy Golf Pros:

  • Familiar cartoon presentation with plenty of detail and fun level design
  • Soothing and relaxing soundtrack
  • Familiar control scheme that’s easy to use
  • Multiple courses, several challenges, and hotseat multiplayer
  • GameCenter integration for leaderboards and achievements

Worms Crazy Golf Cons:

  • Would like to see more courses
  • Difficult to judge power of shot
  • Navigating menus can be clumsy and confusing
  • Overall gameplay is slower than we’d like

There are three 18-hole courses available to play (a fourth is included in the HD version), with holes unlocked one after another by achieving par or better on the previous hole. There are 4 worms to choose from, and you can also create a custom worm to play as. Rather than blowing your foursome to kingdom come with golf ball grenades or an RPG pitching wedge, you simply play as a single worm trying to enjoy a trip to the links. A number of groundskeeper worms are present on the course, and hitting them with a shot will cause them to go kamikaze and leave a cratered bunker in the middle of the lush greenery. Windmill portals, exploding sheep, wind, cannons, transporters, magnets, and more offer interesting challenges with which to contend.

Course design is akin to Super Stickman Golf, with creative setups designed to challenge your ability to think outside the box to find a viable solution within the necessary number of strokes. Sporadic challenges pop up to mix up the gameplay, tasking you with exploding sets of sheep within a certain time frame, for example. Each hole is littered with coins to collect, which can be used to purchase new clubs, balls, hats, and speechbanks. Playing through Career mode will unlock certain utilities for use during the game. Utilities are used while the ball is airborne and they have limited use, so you’ll need to find the right moments to use them.

Graphically, the golf version looks strikingly similar to the previous Worms battle games, which is not unexpected. There is a lot happening on screen, making the environments feel a bit cramped. The iPad version, however, makes good use of the extra real estate, feeling like the best device with which to enjoy the game. Animations are cute, but not as smooth as we’d hoped. Things feel a bit jumpy and choppy, though not enough to diminish our enjoyment. The menu system is sort of confusing to navigate, requiring single taps or double-taps without clearly indicating so. We were also a little annoyed with the general slowness of the game, as the power meter could stand to be sped up, waiting for the ball to stop can be a lengthy affair on bouncier surfaces, and waiting for the golfer to disappear and reappear at the new ball location takes unnecessary time. In order to get a good feel for the hole layout, you’ll need to drag your finger to pan around the screen and pinch-to-zoom for better clarity. It can also take a few moments to pick out where the green and hole actually are, as the side view makes it difficult to differentiate immediately the small strip of green from the general fairways.

The soundtrack uses calming elevator music and natural sounds to create a relaxing and laid-back soundscape. There are plenty of sound effects and worm voices to give the game some life and character, too. Controls are generally easy to use. You drag a large aiming reticule to set your shot direction, tap on your club if you desire to change, and hold your finger on the golf ball near the power meter to start the meter. Releasing your finger will unleash your shot. There are a couple of red zones on the meter that result in a weak shot if you release when the marker lights them up. An alternate method allows you to tap once to start the gauge and tap again to stop it, if you don’t like the default. Despite an aiming line giving you an idea of where the ball should travel, it’s hard to judge your shots given that power differences will ultimately render this info useless. Putting is simplified, as a flag appears on the power meter to show where to release to sink the ball. You can swipe while the ball is airborne to apply spin, and utilities are activated with a simple tap on the selected icon.

Replay value is very good, as there are a number of additional challenges to enjoy on each hole, such as collecting all coins, snagging the crate, or besting the skill points score. In addition to the Career mode, there are nearly a half-dozen challenges to enjoy (Skill Shot, Time Attack, Chip-In, Target, and Keep Ups) and Hotseat Multiplayer allows you to take on a buddy on the same device. GameCenter integration allows you to compete on global leaderboards and earn more than 2 dozen achievements, too. Worms Crazy Golf is $2.99 (or $4.99 for the HD version) on the app store, racking up a worthwhile 4-Dimple score.

Worms Crazy Golf Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-10-27T00:09:56+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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