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Bike Baron Review
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Bike Baron, a Trials-style collaboration between Mountain Sheep and Qwiboo, is now available from the app store. An exceptionally polished action-arcade title, Bike Baron mixes precision controls with fun physics for a highly-engaging experience.

Bike Baron Pros:

  • Polished cartoon graphics and fun explosive animations
  • Creative level design and level editor to build/share levels with the community
  • Simple and intuitive control method
  • Stars awarded for completing specific tasks
  • GameCenter integration for leaderboards and achievements to earn

Bike Baron Cons:

  • No simple way to find user-generated level codes
  • Very few achievements to earn

Bike Baron contains 44 levels spread across 4 difficulty levels. Levels are composed of wooden and stone structures that are meant to provide you with a playground of sorts where you can perform stunts and show off your bike-handling skills. There are ramps, loops, and plenty of jumps to negotiate while speeding toward the finish. Additionally, there are a number of coins spread throughout each level that can be collected by driving through them. You are scored on each level using a 3-star system, but the focus of each star changes from level to level. Many levels award a star each simply for finishing, for snagging all coins, and for besting a target time. Some levels award stars for performing a certain number of flips and other accomplishments. Stars are used to unlock subsequent levels, and the occasional joker level is only unlocked by earning all stars for the preceding levels. A level editor, the same used to create all of the levels in the game, is also available to gamers to use for creating and sharing additional levels. Each new level is assigned a 4-letter code that must be entered to download the track. There is no easy method to share these codes as yet, but the blog has a few notable ones listed.

Graphically, Bike Baron has a somewhat cartoonish presentation that looks terrific and absolutely pops. The animations are smooth and the physics are pretty darn good, too. Background environments vary and the viewpoint makes the 3D visuals a standout feature. Hitting an explosive barrel or capping your head on any part of the track results in a spectacular crash that sends the rider flying and turns the bike into shrapnel. The soundtrack is very catchy, and crowd effects offer reactions to the various stunts and happenings in a realistic and pleasingly appropriate way. A Go and Stop button on the right side control your speed and direction. Left and right buttons on the screen’s left side control bike tilt. Both sets work very well in conjunction and learning to control the bike like a pro is effortless. Though the accelerometer goes unutilized, the current scheme works so well that alternate controls aren’t even missed. The level editor is also a breeze to use, as you drag items from the scrollable bar on the left side of the screen into the gaming area. Drag them around the screen to position them properly and drag in a circular motion around the item to rotate. Double-tapping flips the item, too. Hit the Test button when you want to try out your creation. Switching back and forth is simple and gamers are already using the intuitive controls to create some impressive levels.

Replay value is outstanding, especially with the inclusion of the level editor and downloadable user-created levels. GameCenter integration brings a single global leaderboard, but only a scant 3 achievements to earn. We’ve had a blast with the game thus far and found ourselves putting off the review longer and longer in order to get in more gaming. A universal app for a measly $0.99, Bike Baron is a 5-Dimple stud.

Bike Baron Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-10-21T02:26:39+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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