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Forever Drive Review
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Forever Drive, a crowd-sourced racing title from Supermono, is now available worldwide from the app store. While Canadian and Irish gamers have been able to play for some time, now all gamers can create tracks and wend their way through terrain built by fellow players as they seek to unlock a variety of items and challenge for leaderboard supremacy.

Forever Drive Pros:

  • Great neon graphics and slick interface
  • Spacey and catchy soundtrack
  • Easy-to-use build editor
  • Multiple control styles
  • OpenFeint integration for leaderboards

Forever Drive Cons:

  • 3 included credits go awfully fast
  • Would love to see occasional credit pick-up appear in-game
  • Level editor takes some getting used to

A timed, checkpoint-based racer, Forever Drive requires that you cover enough ground to keep the timer alive while racking up points by avoiding traffic, spending time in lit up curves, and snagging stars along the way. Successful avoidance of walls and cars will keep your combo counter going, though failure to yield will set you back. Points are totaled when you hit the track’s finish line, and you can see how you compare against the world’s best before continuing on to another randomly-selected track piece. The best can be voted up, causing them to appear more and more often, while unfavorable creations can be voted down and effectively eliminated from the pool. There are 2 modes to enjoy: Drive and Build. Drive contains 2 variants, Super XP mode for players who don’t mind IAP and Cruise mode for the rest of us. Each time you launch Super XP, it will cost you 1 credit. You start with 3 and once they’re gone, they’re gone. You can purchase more through the app. The benefit of Super XP is that you gain a 10x multiplier so that you can earn XP at a much faster clip, unlocking cars, paint jobs, and license plates quickly. Cruise mode simply offers a 1x multiplier, so it will take much longer to get items unlocked, but it won’t cost you a cent. Build mode is where you can create and upload your own tracks to be played by all. This is also where you can view and drive tracks that you recently experienced in Drive mode.

Graphically, Forever Drive has a stylish and appealing neon look, with your track suspended within a 3D city and twisting between skyscrapers and other buildings. Some even pass through the track, obscuring your view momentarily. Tracks can also include inclines and declines for additional challenges. The soundtrack is spacey and catchy, a fitting complement for the futuristic and out-there visual style. There are 4 control methods: Arcade, Digital Pad, Analog Pad, and Tilt. Arcade places an arrow on either side of the screen and a brake below each, giving easy and intuitive access to both. Digital Pad gives you dedicated left and right buttons on the left side, with the brake placed on the right. Analog Pad replaces the direction buttons with a left/right slider that we found somewhat less precise than the previous methods. Tilt eliminates the steering buttons and offer auto-accelerate, which can be turned on or off. Each offers a different feel and at least one should be adequate for any gamer to use. The track editor uses line-drawing mechanics to trace tracks.

Replay value is great, as you’ll constantly be experiencing tracks that you’ve never seen before. There are also plenty of unlockables that will take a good amount of time to unlock if you only play Cruise mode, too. OpenFeint integration allows for global leaderboards to compete on, as well. A free universal app, Forever Drive is a slick 4.5-Dimple ride.

Forever Drive Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-10-11T00:25:58+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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