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Fling a Thing Review
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Fling a Thing, a physics-based casual title from Big Blue Bubble, is now available from the app store. Featuring simple mechanics, plenty of special items to snag, and an endless high-scoring challenge, Fling a Thing is a decent little timewaster.

Fling a Thing Pros:

  • Cute cartoony graphics
  • Cheery upbeat soundtrack
  • Simple touch controls to fling the Thing
  • Fun unlockables and various items add a lot to gameplay
  • GameCenter and OpenFeint integration for leaderboards and achievements

Fling a Thing Cons:

  • Lack of room at screen bottom can lead to misfires
  • Lack of power feedback leads to weak shots

Fling a Thing gives you a simple task: fling a bug (or other unlockable creature) skyward to pop any and all bubbles floating around the screen. You have a set number of flings to use, the remainder of which carryover from level to level. Once you are out of flings, the game ends. Mixed in among the bubbles are a variety of special items. Leafy-winged plus-1 signs add a fling to your total. A magnet draws in nearby bubbles, eggs burst apart and pop bubbles as they fall, bubblegum allows you an extra bounce, bells add 3 flings, fruit boosts your score, and arrows propel you higher. Your Thing adheres to glass platforms via its suction-cup mandibles. Drag backward on its tail to set power and aim, releasing to fling it into the air. The crafty player will use banks off of walls to collect large quantities of bubbles, and waiting until bubbles float into linear formations presents an easy opportunity to clear many bubbles, too. Every few levels, you must climb a series of glass platforms to reach the next section. Flings while climbing do not count against your total, and these sections are often accompanied by Plus-1s to increase your flinging chances. Stars will also find their way into the game every so often. Stars can be exchanged for new Things, new environments, and increased item powers. You can also spend some of your own hard-earned cash to buy stars via IAP for faster progression.

Graphically, Fling a Thing is quite colorful and appealing, reminding us in some ways of a children’s storybook. The visuals are crisp and the animations are smooth. The soundtrack is a cheery little looping track that serves as a nice backdrop for the game. The controls are easy to use, but judging the power isn’t all that easy and we often run out of room at the screen bottom, resulting in the Thing being flung before we intended to do so. It can be a bit frustrating but the rest of the game’s fun presentation makes up for it. Replay value is good, as earning stars to unlock all items should take a while. GameCenter and OpenFeint integration provides a single global leaderboard for high scores and a handful of achievements to earn. At $0.99, Fling a Thing is an engaging 4-Dimple game.

Fling a Thing Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-10-02T20:58:52+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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