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Burn The Rope: Worlds Review
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Burn The Rope: Worlds, the follow-up to Big Blue Bubble’s well-received casual title, is now available from the app store. As is becoming a new trend, Burn The Rope: Worlds offers largely the same experience as the original with a couple of fairly minor additions to entice fans into downloading a separate app rather than enjoy a hefty update.

Burn The Rope: Worlds Pros:

  • Tons of new levels to burn through
  • New bugs that explode and spray water
  • New modes for endless Snake gameplay and single-colored simplicity
  • Same great visuals and audio
  • Simple touch and tilt controls
  • GameCenter and OpenFeint integration for global leaderboards and achievements

Burn The Rope: Worlds Cons:

  • No alternative to tilt controls as there is on iPad
  • New additions don’t feel all that significant

At launch, the new edition contains 100 levels spread evenly across 4 environments. Each level presents you with an image whose outline is made of ropes of varying colors. Touching any point on the design will ignite a flame that burns slowly through the rope. To keep the flame alive, you must tilt your device to keep the flame moving upward. It will extinguish itself if left in a horizontal or downward position for too long. This can become a difficult task as the flame often takes multiple paths through the increasingly intricate images, requiring you to continually spin your device back and forth to keep the flames moving in opposite directions from going dark. Successfully burning away the colored ropes increases the challenge, as you must first burn bugs of varying colors that walk upon the rope in order to change the color of the flame to match the color of the rope. Spiders can be used to link different sections of rope by slinging webs between the two locations. The addition of a couple of new bugs brings explosions that destroy a small radius and spread flames to other areas, as well as another method of extinguishing the flame into the fray. Occasionally, you’ll also encounter bonus levels where the goal is to burn as many bugs and as much rope as possible within 30 seconds.

Graphically, the Worlds version retains the same look as the first, an aesthetic that we found appealing previously, as well. Improvements appear to have been made, most notably to the way that the flames appear and their effectiveness around bends. The puzzle designs look terrific and the bug types vary enough for easy identification and quick recognition of their abilities, even while twisting and turning your device. A progress indicator in the upper right corner shows the percentage of rope that has been burned, as well as how close you are to earning bronze, silver, and gold medals based on these percentages. Each puzzle fits within the game screen, requiring no panning or zooming, though holding your finger on the screen after starting a flame will speed up the burn rate. The soundtrack has the same funky style as before, offering an enjoyable backdrop for the exciting action. You can play tunes from you own library, too.

Replay value is great, as Worlds not only brings back the daily puzzle which gives the game tremendous staying power, but also a Casual mode that removes the challenge of different-colored ropes to reduce the difficulty, as well as an Endless Burn mode that uses a Snake-like format where your flame grows longer and longer as you move around the level eating bugs until you contact a boundary marker or your own ever-growing body. GameCenter and OpenFeint integration bring the usual global leaderboards and achievements to keep you playing, too. At $0.99, Burn The Rope: Worlds is an awesome value and a 4.5-Dimple app, even if it’s a little light on innovation.

Burn The Rope: Worlds Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-09-21T21:32:26+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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