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To-Fu 2 Review
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To-Fu 2, the follow-up to the recently released physics puzzler from HotGen, is now available from the app store. Despite feeling less like a sequel and more like a healthy update, we always welcome additional content and gameplay elements in any form, especially when the gameplay is as enjoyable as this.

To-Fu 2 Pros:

  • Same great puzzle designs as the original
  • Soundtrack creates a relaxing vibe
  • Simple touch controls are responsive and precise
  • Three emblems to earn on each of the 100 levels
  • GameCenter integration now provides global leaderboards and an achievement system

To-Fu 2 Cons:

  • Can feel repetitive after a while
  • Target number of moves emblem can be frustratingly challenging at times

To-Fu 2 features a brand-spankin’ new set of 100 levels in which we must again slingshot our spongy hero through various environments while avoiding obstacles, collecting glowing blue Chi balls, and smacking the pink Fortune Kitty as efficiently as possible. The emblem system from the first iteration returns intact, rewarding you with one emblem for reaching the Fortune Kitty, another for collecting all available Chi, and the last for meeting or besting the target number of moves, which is tracked as you play. Earning all 3 often requires you to replay the levels with a specific goal in mind, as earning the last emblem usually forces you to bypass areas where Chi is present. The environments contain a variety of surface types that impact the maneuverability of the To-Fu. He sticks to wood, conveyor belts, and glass (though he’ll backslide if the glass is vertical), while metallic surfaces will cause him to ricochet as if banking a billiard ball off of a bumper.

This time around, the To-Fu has been given a speed boost ability, which goes into effect if you drag and hold on his body for a short time. He begins to glow to indicate the change and, when released, moves fast enough to speed through laser fields or burst through wooden beams with his newfound power. This is a fun new element that gives you another way to combat the obstacles that you’ll encounter, such as buzzsaws, spikes, moving platforms, and the like. Touching any of the dangerous elements will immediately end your attempt, even if it occurs while stretching our hero to prepare a new movement. Another addition to this version is the Time Trial mode, which tasks you with collecting as much Chi as you can within a specified time frame. It adds a little something different that kind, while fun, kind of feels out of place.

Graphically, the follow-up retains the same crisp and polished look as the first. Puzzle design is great, with some devious challenges mixed in for good measure. The To-Fu reacts realistically and the animations are very smooth. The death animation has been sped up for quicker replay attempts, and the level completion effects are satisfying and fun. The soundtrack is the same as the one used in the first, using Asian-inspired music to reinforce the ninja fantasies of the foodstuff. The controls are just as solid as before, using your finger to stretch the To-Fu in the direction that you desire and releasing to send him on his way. They allow for a good feeling of precision, which is necessary to complete the puzzles efficiently. Dragging the background allows you to pan around and see pathways and objects off-screen so that you can plan your route. They are intuitive and natural, making the game a joy to play.

Replay value remains strong, bolstered by the additional game mode, the inclusion of GameCenter for leaderboards and achievements, and the continued challenge of emblem collecting. The lack of a timer means that you can take your time and ponder out your moves at your own pace, giving To-Fu 2 great pick-up-and-playability. A universal app this time around, To-Fu 2 can be picked up and played natively on all of your iOS devices for just $0.99. To-Fu 2 is another solid 4.5-Dimple offering for puzzle fans to enjoy.

To-Fu 2 Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-09-08T23:38:29+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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