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EDGE Extended Review
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EDGE Extended, Mobigame’s follow-up to their wildly popular cube-rolling platformer, is now available from the app store. Offering the same solid mechanics as the original with a handful of cool new elements, EDGE Extended avoids the sequel slump and gives gamers an even more compelling experience than the first iteration.

EDGE Extended Pros:

  • Familiar presentation with more intricate level design and lots of exciting new elements to spice up gameplay
  • Multiple control options with terrific swipe-based default controls
  • Lots of tunes to enjoy while chasing high scores
  • Fun level ranking system to evaluate your abilities
  • GameCenter integration for an achievement system

EDGE Extended Cons:

  • Leaderboards handled through Mobigame web site instead of GameCenter
  • Isometric viewpoint can cause some spatial confusion

EDGE Extended contains 44 levels at launch, with the final 3 unlocking only after capturing all prisms from the previous 41 levels. As you may recall from the original, you control a cube by rolling it forward, backward, side to side, and up walls and steps that are no more than a single cube tall. Each stage contains multiple levels upon which to roll the cube up and down as you maneuver throughout the environment, collecting tiny prisms and reaching the end point as quickly as you can. Your time can be reduced by Edge Time, which involves defying gravity by balancing a cube by its corner edge against another cube. The game continues to run at a high framerate, and the goals and capabilities of the first version remain present in this new iteration.

The Extended version couldn’t very well justify its new moniker without adding something new and exciting, and it does not disappoint in the least. New elements abound, introduced at an appropriate pace and often in surprising ways. There is a menacing black cube that appears from time to time, and while he occasionally activates a switch to help you out, he spends most of his time trying to foil your plans. Some levels use holes in the levels as switches, causing you to think twice about whether to put yourself in a position to drop off of the map or not. Typically, falling into these switch holes will cause you to rise back out as another portion of the level appears to give you access to a previously unreachable area. There are situations where you’ll need to reach a pad that shrinks the size of your cube, allowing him access to new areas and giving him the ability to walk straight up walls regardless of their height. The environment can even fight back, pummeling us backward if we get too close to certain special block types. While Edge Time is typically an optional ability for gamers to employ, there are certain maps that use this as a required method of travelling to certain areas so that you can complete the level.

Graphically, EDGE Extended keeps the same cube-configurations-in-space motif, offering an isometric viewpoint that can make it challenging to be sure where exactly you are in relation to the environment. The combination of a new 3D engine, anti-aliasing, and improved graphics gives the game a very crisp and clean look. There are plenty of times that we’ve dropped off of the map simply because we thought there was a platform waiting below, when it turned out that the platform was just next to the hole we plummeted through. Environments vary between white and black blocks, with prisms and our own cube offering the only color in the monochromatic worlds. Level designs are fantastic as usual, creating maze-like areas with specific paths to follow to escape, as well as open areas that allow for multiple pathways to choose. The soundtrack contains 23 original tracks, some of which are familiar from the original version. All provide a terrific complement to the retro style gameplay. There are three control options: swipe, tilt, and d-pad. While it’s nice to have options, we’ve always felt that the swipe options were a natural fit and very responsive.

Replay value is terrific, as there are always better ways to make it through a level and improve your level ranking. Racking up a B or A isn’t all that difficult, but notching an S or S+ can take a good deal of effort, especially in later stages. Perfecting Edge Time can help to hit these goals by further reducing your level time so that you can compete on the global leaderboards that are handled through Mobigame’s web site. GameCenter integration is used to track more than a dozen achievements to earn, as well as syncing progress between devices. While the original was a $4.99 app for a long time, we were very surprised to see EDGE Extended show up as a universal app launching for $0.99. EDGE Extended is a terrific value and a worthwhile 4.5-Dimple offering.

EDGE Extended Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-08-28T19:30:38+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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