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Save Yammi Review
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Save Yammi, a Cut The Rope-style physics puzzler from Intermost and Bulkypix, is now available from the app store. Strikingly similar in style and presentation to the app store stalwart, Save Yammi attempts to differentiate itself via its rope-drawing mechanics and tilt-based interaction with great success.

Save Yammi Pros:

  • Fun puzzler with clever level design and fun gaming elements
  • Upbeat and cheery soundtrack
  • Controls are intuitive and easy to use
  • GameCenter integration for leaderboards and achievements

Save Yammi Cons:

  • Presentation lacks originality
  • Cookie movement feels sluggish
  • Cannot see which levels have unclaimed orange stars from Level Select screen

Yammi is a cute orange octopus who looks like Om Nom’s first cousin, stuck in similar predicaments as his brethren. Yammi is a well-travelled creature, making his way from Seattle to Florida with stops in Vegas, Texas, Chicago, New York, and more. Being a world-weary traveler, Yammi gets hungry and requires you to feed him cookies. He’s a bit of a picky eater, though, refusing to open wide unless his cookie first contacts the 3 yellow stars in each of the 100 levels. There are an additional 2 orange stars that earn scoring bonuses if you snag them before sending the confection down Yammi’s gullet. Unlike CTR’s mechanics that require slicing ropes, Save Yammi gives you a finite length of rope that you create on-screen via swipes. The rope acts as a temporary boundary for the cookie, allowing it to roll along its surface, keeping it within a desired area, and even holding it in place as needed. The rope will disappear after a short period of time, or it can be manually eliminated by tapping on the coil at the screen top. Using no rope will net you 300 points at level’s end. The more rope you use, the fewer points you earn. Yellow and orange stars also earn you points, which are aggregated for level scores.

There are a number of obstacles and helpers to be found as you progress in the game. Teleporters move you from one part of the level to another, while winged bubbles allow the cookie to float for 10 seconds. Metal bars form natural barriers that can help or hinder movement and conserve rope. Conversely, thunderclouds can fire lightning bolts at your cookie if it gets too close, destroying it completely. Before long, maneuvering around the levels gets quite tricky. Fortunately, Save Yammi incorporates the accelerometer into the gameplay, allowing you to tilt your iDevice to send the cookie left or right. Levels are untimed, so you can carefully plan out your strategy and play levels over again with the goal of using as little rope as possible to maximize your scores.

Graphically, the game design screams Cut The Rope, which is the aspect most likely to bother gamers, as many will view Save Yammi as a rip-off. The bold colors and cartoonish graphics are a little too familiar, though they certainly get the job done. The backgrounds do a nice job of incorporating aspects of their cities, giving each a nice shot of character. The soundtrack is very similar to Cut The Rope, too, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself humming it after a while. Controls are simple to use and intuitive, making Save Yammi a breeze to pick up and play. We did feel that things moved a bit slower than CTR, which was a little off-putting. We found ourselves twisting the device at ridiculous angles, hoping to make the cookie move quicker to no avail. The icons on the level select screens indicate the best level score achieved for each level, but they don’t appear to indicate how many of the orange bonus stars we’ve snagged, which seems to be a big oversight. However, these are minor annoyances in an otherwise strong addition to the physics puzzler genre.

Replay value is good, with repeated playthroughs required to maximize scores and snag all of those orange bonus stars. GameCenter integration brings global leaderboards for aggregate city scores and aggregate game scores, and there are more than a dozen achievements to earn, too. At a price of $0.99 (same as the HD version), Save Yammi is a worthwhile pick-up and a solid 4-Dimple offering.

Save Yammi Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-08-12T02:16:09+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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