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Bug Heroes Quest Review
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Bug Heroes Quest, Foursaken Media’s follow-up to their hit Bug Heroes game, is now available from the app store. Gone are the castle defense mechanics that defined the previous iteration. Instead, you’ll need to lead the heroes through a series of smaller quests as the story unfolds and we learn more about our miniscule warriors.

Bug Heroes Quest Pros:

  • Same great characters, environments, and style as the previous version
  • Dual-stick controls and auto-aiming for simple and effective attacking and maneuvering
  • A variety of quests and secondary objectives to complete
  • Fun RPG elements allow for character improvements and equipping better weapons/armor
  • GameCenter integration for arena leaderboards and a bunch of achievements

Bug Heroes Quest Cons:

  • Auto-talk to NPCs interferes with gameplay
  • Game does not pause when looking at the map
  • Looping soundtrack can get annoying after a while

Bug Heroes Quest features over 60 stages with different quests that lead you throughout the insect-infested rooms of a house, including the garage, outside, kitchen, and more. Playing as Spider, Ant, or Beetle (as determined by the game), you must take on tasks like destroying ammo stockpiles to prevent a possible attack, assassinating a general, seeking out and speaking with certain bugs, killing a certain number of enemies, collecting mushrooms, surviving for periods of time, and a variety of others. Additionally, you have secondary objectives that, if met, can help you to earn silver and gold medals for each quest. These additional objectives usually involve killing a specified number of bugs and taking less than an allowable amount of damage in the process. Your objectives are always viewable from the pause menu and there is a map overlay that can assist you in finding your way if you get lost. The RPG elements remain intact from the first game, allowing you to beef up your character stats through experience and equip your hero with armor and weapons found in the course of play. The storyline meshes well with the action. Early play sees Spider questioning his allegiance and putting his loyalty to the test. It’s very enjoyable and it builds very nicely upon the foundation laid down by the original’s release.

Graphically, fans of Bug Heroes will be pleased to see that the same style is present here, with terrific 3D worlds full of commonplace objects like pencils, drills, and table ledges forming the boundaries within which the characters interact. The music is a bit more on the repetitive side than we prefer, but there are a few different tracks that are used and we do like the way they complement the game, so it’s not as frustrating as it could be. There is an in-game option to listen to your own music library if the soundtrack does get to you. The game again controls like a dual-stick shooter, with the left stick directing movement and the right stick aiming and initiating your attacks. Auto-aiming can be toggled on or off, but we found it to be quite helpful. NPCs abound, and conversations are automatically initiated by walking close to them. This often led to some frustrating instances where a convo would be triggered accidentally as we were passing by or fleeing from enemies. Our only other complaint was that play doesn’t pause while looking at the map, so it was difficult to really plan out our route or get a good sense of where anything was without getting interrupted by attacking bugs. Otherwise, Bug Hereos Quest is another solid effort that keeps us coming back for more.

Replay value is terrific, as returning to previously-completed areas can yield some nice surprises and secondary objectives may require a few extra tries to complete. GameCenter integration offers a bunch of achievements to earn, as well as leaderboards for the unlockable arena levels. Multiple profiles can be set up to allow different users to play the game without interfering with anyone else’s progress. A universal app at a launch sale price of $0.99, Bug Heroes Quest is another impressive 4-Dimple challenge.

Bug Heroes Quest Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-08-09T21:30:02+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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