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Ninja Fishing Review
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Ninja Fishing, a quirky tilt-based fishing game that incorporates Fruit Ninja-style gameplay, has been released by Gamenauts and is available from the app store. Utilizing tried-and-true mechanics and plenty of upgradeable equipment using your in-game earnings, Ninja Fishing is a casual timewaster that’s oddly fun and strangely addictive.

Ninja Fishing Pros:

  • Casual fun that utilizes tried-and-true mechanics
  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • Spot-on tilt controls and easy swipe-to-slash mechanics
  • Lots of goodies to buy in the Shop
  • GameCenter and OpenFeint for a global leaderboard for total earnings

Ninja Fishing Cons:

  • No achievements
  • Fairly simple to avoid dangers, not much to challenge the player
  • Not a lot of replay value once all items have been purchased

You are a ninja, passing time in your boat on a peaceful lake. Firing of witty quips while casting your line into the blue water with a tap of your finger, you suddenly find yourself tilting back and forth to weave through throngs of fish, in an attempt to send your line as deep as possible. Once you hit bottom or snare a fish, the line automatically reels itself up, snaring any additional fish that get in its way. Once you max out your line capacity or reach the surface, the fish will be propelled into the air, a few at a time. Using your finger as a blade, you must swipe and slash to chop the fish into pieces, earning coins based on the value of the fish. Beware the dynamite that finds its way into the mix, too. Hitting the red sticks will instantly end your round and only award you any coins earned until that point. Rinse, repeat, and visit the shop to spend your loot. You can extend the max depth, line capacity, drill fuel, and much more. Drill fuel, you ask? Yes, by tapping/holding the screen as your hook drops, you can temporarily turn the hook into a drill to bore through schools of fish to avoid accidentally snaring one and continue your pursuit for the ocean bottom where you’ll find treasure chests and new species of fish, too. All unlocked fish types are viewable from your trophy room.

Graphically, Ninja Fishing has a great cartoon look and smooth animations, making the tilt portion of the game easy to enjoy. Hacking the fish in mid-air doesn’t always result in a clean slice right away. Some fish require multiple hits to split open. There are plenty of big fish to unlock as you progress, with silhouettes teasing the existence of sharks, squids, and much more. The audio is casual and fun, making for a relaxing experience that doesn’t annoy or stand out in any way. Controls are very responsive and simple to use, and the shop is easy to navigate, too.

Replay value comes from the need to grind in order to earn enough coins to make all of the available purchases. Of course, the fun gameplay doesn’t discourage us from casting again and again, either. GameCenter and OpenFeint integration allows for leaderboards for total earnings. There are no achievements to earn. Priced at $0.99, it’s a good value for a solid 3.5-Dimple challenge.

Ninja Fishing Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-08-05T00:23:27+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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