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Hungry Chicks Review
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Hungry Chicks, a physics puzzler developed by Kada Media and published by Clickgamer, is now available from the app store. When baby birds are hungry, no obstacle is too great to overcome to placate the little ones.

Hungry Chicks Pros:

  • Cute visuals and animations that should appeal to kids
  • Upbeat soundtrack and sound effects
  • Simple tap controls
  • Variety of obstacles
  • Crystal and GameCenter integration for leaderboards and achievements

Hungry Chicks Cons:

  • Controls become unresponsive at screen edges
  • Short campaign
  • Unclear how points are totaled and whether taps or time is a factor
  • Not much difficulty

Hungry Chicks contains 36 levels spread evenly across 3 worlds (Forest, Desert, and Tropical Island) through which you must tap the screen to send the birdy parents careening over, under, and through a smattering of obstacles, snatching wormy apples out of thin air, and returning safely to the correct nest to feed your chirping chicks. It’s a simple concept that feels geared toward a younger crowd, with its cutesy graphics and easy gameplay. Each level awards you up to 3 stars for delivering the worms to the birds, as well as tracking the number of taps it took and awarding points for the effort. A tap near the mama bird sends it flying in the opposite direction. There is no power gauge and aiming properly can be a tricky task. Color-coded nests that correspond to the mama bird’s coloring further complicate things, as well as varying numbers of chicks in each nest. Once a mama bird reaches a nest, she’s done, whether she snagged enough worms or not. It’s very casual and earning your 3 stars is not a terribly difficult task.

Graphically, the levels have a very cheerful, happy feel, despite the various obstacles (spinning cogs, electricity fields, spikes, etc.). Nothing feels ominous or brooding, making it a nice offering for kids. The animations are fluid and the physics are good. The soundtrack is equally upbeat, complementing the gameplay well. Chirping birds add extra flavor, too. The controls are easy to use, but they break down terribly at the screen edges, making it a frustrating affair as you tap madly at the screen edges in an attempt to send the bird skyward. When it finally triggers, you’re typically not aiming in the right direction nor are you ready for the bird to take flight, leading to an excess of taps, unnecessary deaths, and wasted time.

Replay value is fairly minimal, as getting 3 stars the first time through is pretty easy and there aren’t a lot of levels at launch anyway. Crystal and GameCenter integration does provide for leaderboards for point totals, as well as 15 achievements to earn. It’s a game that serves its purpose, but it’s just not all that compelling and doesn’t really offer anything that we haven’t seen before and seen done better. For $0.99 (or $1.99 for the separate HD version), Hungry Chicks is a rather weak 3-Dimple timewaster.

Hungry Chicks Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-07-25T14:37:07+00:00 rating 3.0 out of 5

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