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MONOPOLY Here And Now: The World Edition for iPad Review
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MONOPOLY Here And Now: The World Edition for iPad was recently released by Electronic Arts and is available from the app store. Finally, fans of the board game are able to enjoy this top-notch offering on the larger screen.

MONOPOLY Here And Now: The World Edition for iPad Pros:

  • Terrific realization of the board game
  • Animations bring the game to life
  • Plenty of game modes with lots of multiplayer options

MONOPOLY Here And Now: The World Edition for iPad Cons:

  • Use of currency other than American dollars

Monopoly Here And Now brings with it a handful of game modes. You can select Play Now if you just want to jump into a single player game against AI opponents or Pass and Play with friends. There are plenty of customizable options, including difficulty levels, environments, initial cash amount, auctions, free parking perks, and much more. Teacher mode offers single player vs. AI, with a multitude of pop-ups that give hints and clues to improve your overall play. Local Network Play mode gives you the option to connect up to 3 other devices on the same network. The exclusive Tabletop mode replicates play on an actual board, allowing players to gather around one device while the interface rotates to face the current player. As Monopoly is one of the world’s most popular board games, we won’t go into great detail about how to play the game. Don’t expect to find Boardwalk or Indiana Avenue, though. The Here And Now edition replaces the Jersey venues with the world’s largest metropolitan cities, with a currency other than US dollars.

Graphically, the game looks terrific, with easy-to-use menus and easily legible cards and game squares. There are a bunch of new and unique pieces, such as a baseball mitt, sumo wrestler, or a Toyota Prius. Each is animated as it moves about the board, and dice rolls shows equally realistic physics as you swipe to send them tumbling. The soundtrack provides some decent muzak to create a calming backdrop for the game, though you can also play tracks from your own library. Controls are mostly of the tap and swipe variety, and everything is very responsive, clean, and fun.

Replay value is present in spades, as the combination of strategy and luck make for a unique experience every time. The variety of multiplayer options also give you plenty of chances to square off against friends to crown the shrewdest businessperson. There are a bunch of statistics maintained over the life of the game, providing helpful information regarding past dice rolls that could influence your decision-making process. For $9.99, Monopoly Here And Now commands a premium price to go along with its 5-Dimple premium presentation.

MONOPOLY Here And Now: The World Edition for iPad Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-07-20T19:53:26+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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