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Burn The City Review
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Burn The City, a casual game of fiery destruction from JoshOClock, is now available from the app store. Unlike most casual games of a similar style, there is no way to fail at Burn The City, and that’s just fine with us.

Burn The City Pros:

  • Great nightscape aesthetic with silhouetted buildings and cute animations
  • There is no way to fail a level
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-release controls
  • Universal app
  • GameCenter integration for global leaderboards and achievements

Burn The City Cons:

  • Reaching gold level scores can be very difficult on many levels
  • Panning can be somewhat clumsy and confused with drag-to-fire mechanics
  • Gets repetitive after a while

Burn The City puts you in control of a green lizard of the same ilk as Godzilla, though this fire-breathing predator might as well be a statue, as he doesn’t move around. Instead, you drag your finger from his frightening mug toward the darkened cityscape to the right, setting the aim and power of his fire-ball spitballs. The goal is to decimate the city as quickly as possible, while racking up the most points. Depending on the size of the buildings, it may take several fireballs to reduce them to rubble. Hitting weak points can earn bonuses, as can hitting TNT and bouncing fireballs off of multiple buildings. Occasionally, you can collect special fireballs that inflict more explosive damage or greater accuracy.

Fireballs are unlimited, and though your time to complete each level is recorded, it does not prevent you from moving on in any way. Simply keep spitting fireballs until everything is gone to advance. Your destruction effectiveness is tallied by the amount of time it takes to finish the level and damage caused by fireballs, as well as any collateral damage and explosive damage caused along the way. There are point thresholds which must be exceeded in order to earn bronze, silver, and gold medals. There are 45 levels in all, with each becoming more complex and requiring fairly deep strategy and precision to complete quickly.

Graphically, the cartoonish look is great, with cute huffing and puffing animations on the monster and fun fire animations as the buildings get damaged and collapse. The nightscape backdrop and silhouetted buildings are a great aesthetic choice. The soundtrack is menacing and fitting for the game. Controls, as previously mentioned, are easy to use and very responsive. Panning feels somewhat clumsy and awkward, becoming more evident in latter levels where cities get more expansive. Replay value is pretty good, as it will likely take several playthroughs to medal, let along hit gold. It is fairly repetitive, though the levels do a pretty good job adding new elements along the way, such as ricocheting fireballs off of walls into buildings. A universal app at $0.99, Burn The City is an enjoyable 4-Dimple timewaster that scratches the right itch.

Burn The City Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-07-06T00:16:19+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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