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Paper Munchers Review
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Paper Munchers, an explosive physics puzzler from Big Blue Bubble, is now available from the app store. Featuring a cool hand-drawn art style, challenging physics puzzles, and explosions at your fingertips, Paper Munchers proves itself to be a surprisingly addictive experience.

Paper Munchers Pros:

  • Cool paper craft art style
  • Simple touch-based controls
  • Clever level design and smooth difficulty progression
  • GameCenter integration for achievements

Paper Munchers Cons:

  • No global leaderboards
  • Control difficulty at screen edges

Paper Munchers contains 75 levels spread evenly across 5 worlds. Levels increase in difficulty as you progress, adding additional objects and tighter spaces through which to maneuver the monsters. The goal of each level is to direct all of the paper monsters into the open jaws of the colorful munchers. This is accomplished by tapping the screen, which creates a small explosion at the point of contact that blows the monsters around the screen. You have a limited number of bombs to use, though they come in two distinct varieties. The first type is black and permanent, replenishing to its starting amount when you restart the level. The second variety is purple and one-time-use only. You start the game with a small amount of these temporary bombs, but you must use them wisely or risk squandering them. They are helpful when you find that a level is too difficult to complete with the allotted number of permanent bombs. You can purchase additional sets of purple bombs by spending monster bucks that you either earn by completing levels or purchase through IAP. Black bombs can be earned back when munchers eat monsters of the same color. One bomb can be earned per tap as long as you get at least one matching monster into a muncher. Often, the key to survival is found in continuously feeding munchers matching monsters without sending too many into the muncher’s jaws on the same turn. We found that the most challenging and satisfying gameplay comes from avoiding the use of temporary bombs and finding creative and inventive ways to finish the level using only permanent bombs.

Graphically, the art style is very appealing, with a nice level of detail and interesting presentation. The animations are smooth and the physics feel realistic. We really enjoyed watching the monsters interact with each other in-air, knocking into each other, balancing on edges, and ricocheting off of walls and other barriers. Eaten monsters end up getting spit back out as skulls and bones, too. The soundtrack plays during menu screens, but the levels themselves only employ sound effects, which add a little something to the game. The controls are strictly tap-based and work well, although tapping monsters at the screen edges can require multiple taps and don’t always register the way you’d expect. It’s probably the game’s biggest shortcoming.

Replay value is great, especially if you want to try to complete all levels without using temporary bombs. GameCenter integration brings 35 achievements to earn for added replay incentive. High scores are displayed on each level, so you can always challenge yourself to best your own record. Master Muncher challenges ask you to exceed a specific point total to earn additional Monter Bucks, and detailed statistics are maintained for each level, too. It would have been nice to see GameCenter leaderboards to compare against other players, but they are noticeably absent. For $0.99 (or $1.99 for the separate HD version), Paper Munchers is a very impressive 4.5-Dimple challenge.

Paper Munchers Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-06-24T22:39:26+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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