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Flick Golf Extreme Review
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Flick Golf Extreme, the latest iteration in the Flick Golf series from Full Fat Games, is now available from the app store. Pairing the same awesome control mechanics with some crazy new environments, Flick Golf Extreme will put your flicking skills to the ultimate test.

Flick Golf Extreme Pros:

  • Beautiful locations featuring interesting hole locations
  • Simple swipe control mechanics that are responsive and intuitive
  • Multiple game modes and bonuses to earn
  • GameCenter and OpenFeint integration for leaderboards and achievements

Flick Golf Extreme Cons:

  • Not as extreme as advertised
  • Difficult to judge where the ball will hit when it touches down

Flick Golf Extreme contains both the QuickShot and World Tour modes of the first version, allowing you rack up huge scores by playing each course with a 60-second timer or with a limited number of shots, respectively. Extreme also includes a new mode called Five Ball, where you receive only 5 balls and must make the most of them. You can retain balls for additional shots by scoring holes-in-one or perfect shots. There is little room for error if you want to top the leaderboards in any of these modes.

Flick Golf is quite an interesting and enjoyable take on golf. Swiping across a ball on a tee sends the tiny white orb airborne toward a green covered in scoring rings. The spot that your ball comes to rest will dictate the point total that you receive, with additional bonuses earned for hitting the pin, curving your shot, and more. Landing in the ring closest to the hole will add 3 seconds back to your timer. A hole-in-one will earn a large point total and add 10 seconds back to your timer. A perfect shot adds 20 seconds and earns the biggest point total. The addicting aspect of the game comes from your ability to control the path of the ball by swiping the screen while it is in-air or within the first 3 bounces on land. This allows you to perform maneuvers like hitting the ball way off-course and swiping like crazy to get it back to the green. You can also overshoot the hole and hit the brakes to send the ball back-spinning into the cup. It’s a fun mechanic that allows for lots of different ways to play each hole.

The holes in the previous version were very much idyllic scenes that look like they may have been copied from some of the world’s most beautiful courses, with lush greenery, water hazards, and wide open spaces. The Extreme version takes you to places you wouldn’t expect to find golfing opportunities, as you’ll find yourself teeing off from a helicopter to an aircraft carrier, launching balls from a highrise onto a water tower, taking aim at rocky plateaus near a waterfall, and more. The green location changes during the course of play and the wind picks up and blows your ball around, keeping things interesting at every turn. It offers fun new challenges to the standard fare that we received in the previous version. In fact, if you are short of, say, the water tower, your ball plummets to the street below and points are deducted from your score, so ball control is a necessity.

Graphically, the 3D locations look beautiful and crisp with Retina Display support, as you’d expect if you’d played Flick Golf before. There is a nice bit of animation, and the ball physics react as you’d expect, with harder, frantic swipes causing more forceful direction changes. The soundtrack is unobtrusive and appropriate for the game, providing occasional guitar riffs and background nature effects. You can also play your own music tracks from you iPod library. The controls, as previously mentioned, are simple to use and very responsive, making Flick Golf Extreme a joy to play.

Replay value is great, as you can always improve upon your previous scores as you climb the GameCenter/OpenFeint leaderboards and earn achievements. The three modes offer enough gameplay variety to allow you to bounce from one to another while retaining some freshness. Though it doesn’t really innovative the gameplay in a significant way, it didn’t need to, as the controls and premise were so well done in the first iteration. The graphic upgrade and continued polish are enjoyable in their own right. For $2.99, Flick Golf Extreme is a 4.5-Dimple stud that keeps us glued to our devices.

Flick Golf Extreme Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-06-21T23:45:07+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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