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Baseball Superstars II Pro Review
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Baseball Superstars II Pro, Gamevil’s latest iteration of their popular baseball franchise, is now available from the app store. While this season’s offering doesn’t really innovate, it continues to polish one of the finer iOS baseball titles to a lovely sheen.

Baseball Superstars II Pro Pros:

  • Improved graphics and smoother animations
  • Simple touch-based controls
  • Seven game modes to enjoy
  • Fun management aspects
  • GameCenter achievements to earn

Baseball Superstars II Pro Cons:

  • Game moves as quite a clip, can’t adjust speed
  • G-Points are needed for everything, requiring grinding or paying up
  • Polishes more than it innovates

Baseball Superstars II Pro contains 7 distinct game modes: Exhibition, My League, Season, Homerun Race, Tournament, Mission, and Match Mode. Exhibition provides a one-off quick play game with no additional bearing on future match-ups. Season allows you to take a single team through a full baseball season in hopes of reaching the playoffs. Homerun Race gives you a fun derby in which to put up monster long balls. Tournament is a bracket-based challenge similar to a typical playoff format. Mission tasks you with completing a bunch of different goals. Match Mode is a multiplayer option that allows you to go head-to-head against other players. My League is a highly customizable mode that allows you to create a player and follow him through his career, utilizing RPG elements to enhance his skills and develop him into a superstar by spending G-Points that are either earned in-game or purchased via IAP.

There is a good deal of team management required in this series, encouraging you to train players to improve their skills and make personnel decisions (i.e. trades and hires) that allow you to field the best team possible. One of the interesting inclusions in this series that differs significantly from other baseball games is the availability of Super Players, whose skills dwarf those of the regular players and whose strengths can turn the tide of a game. They have unique looks, often resembling typical anime-style characters. There are 6 new Super Players to use, and the AI has been improved to provide more balanced and challenging gameplay, too.

Interacting with the game remains as easy as tapping the screen for pitching, hitting, and baserunning. The pitching UI has been updated, offering pitch type buttons on a blue ring that encircles the pitcher. Pitch placement selection no longer utilizes tilt-controls, instead requiring you to tap on a zoomed-in strike zone to select the location. Batting is performed using either a bunt or swing away button, with dedicated buttons to adjust your position within the batter’s box. Baserunning and throwing to bases requires you to tap on the desired base on a virtual basepath outline. Fielding is performed automatically, though.

Graphically, Baseball Superstars II Pro improves upon last year’s look, showing greater detail and smoother animations. It’s clear that a lot of attention has gone into making this game look fantastic. There are fun weather and time of day effects to enjoy, as well as customizations to be made to both personalize the experience, as well as earn additional funds for your team. The soundtrack feels very similar, if not identical, to the previous, using various stadium song bites and the familiar gruff umpire calls. As previously explained, the controls are spot-on and the gameplay is quick and efficient, with little time to think about whether you want to swing or stretch a hit into a double.

Replay value is very good, as there are a bunch of modes to play, lengthy seasons to enjoy, tons of unlockables, upgrades, and customizations to make, and GameCenter achievements to earn. Despite not adding anything significant, Baseball Superstars II Pro offers another enjoyable version of its compelling baseball series with a few nice tweaks thrown in. At $0.99, Baseball Superstars II Pro is a stellar value and a solid 4-Dimple game.

Baseball Superstars II Pro Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-06-14T01:48:05+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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