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Rocket Bunnies Review
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Rocket Bunnies, a physics-based space racer developed by Defiant and published by Chillingo, is now available from the app store. A speedrun-style offering with polished graphics, a fun concept, and simple gameplay, Rocket Bunnies fires on all cylinders to provide a great challenge that keeps us glued to our devices.

Rocket Bunnies Pros:

  • Beautiful graphics, great lighting, fun animations
  • Simple and responsive touch-based controls
  • Chill soundtrack that complements gameplay
  • Crystal and GameCenter leaderboards for each level, as well as lots of achievements to earn

Rocket Bunnies Cons:

  • Not told what time you need to beat to earn all stars
  • Cannot pan around or zoom out on expansive levels

At launch, there are two galaxies containing six sectors, each with five levels to play. If you follow the math, that’s 60 levels in all. You play as a bunny orbiting planets in your spacecraft. Each level contains a handful of planets, many of which contain a number of small hungry rabbits around its circumference. Your job is to fly over each of these bunnies and drop carrots to satisfy their hunger. The faster you complete your task, the more stars you earn and the higher up the leaderboards you’ll climb. Of course, what game would be complete or compelling without some obstacles to avoid. Mines, space debris, spiders, electrical barriers, black holes, molten planets, and more stand between you and the bunnies. Your best defense is to time your flight paths to avoid contact or snag invincibility orbs for temporary protection.

The control mechanism is simple and intuitive. To move from planet to planet, simply tap the target planet and the main character will head that way. If you tap the target when the rocket is on a tangent aimed at the planet, you’ll receive an additional boost that saves precious time. Stringing a series of these together is a great way to keep your level time low. Tapping on the same planet that you are on will reverse your orbital direction, which is great for avoiding mines or electrical barriers. There are 4-legged spiders that can be destroyed from behind, but otherwise, dangerous objects should be avoided at all costs. The game does a great job of gradually stepping up the difficulty, adding a new element every level or two. The levels also get more expansive, requiring a good memory to find all of the bunnies. There is no ability to zoom or pan, so your only visualization of the level comes from the opening sequence or from physically navigating the planets.

Graphically, Rocket Bunnies has a very polished look, with great lighting effects and a variety of planetary colors. The jagged blue electricity bolts and glowing fiery asteroids add some nice flourishes to the game, too. Animations are smooth and enjoyable, right down to the explosions that end your run when you come in contact with a mine. The number of remaining bunnies resides in the upper left corner, and the current level time appears in the upper right. The soundtrack is pretty chill and enjoyable, a nice complement to the gameplay. The controls work wonderfully, as previously outlined.

Replay value is very good, given the Crystal and GameCenter integration for global leaderboards on each of the 60 levels, as well as the 3-star system that gamers should be well-versed in by now. Our biggest frustration is that, as in games like Angry Birds, you are not told what the star thresholds are, so you don’t know what time you need to beat to earn them all. There is also a pretty extensive achievement system to boot. An all-new galaxy is teased as coming soon from within the game, so even more exciting content is planned for a future update. In all, Rocket Bunnies is another great addition to the app store. For $0.99 (or $2.99 for the separate HD version), Rocket Bunnies is a 5-Dimple stud.

Rocket Bunnies Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-06-12T19:45:51+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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