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1000 Heroz Review
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1000 Heroz, a side-scrolling speedrun-based platformer from RedLynx, is now available from the app store. Featuring fun challenges, bite-sized gameplay, and a new level every day for the next 1,000 days, 1000 Heroz will remain a fresh experience for years to come.

1000 Heroz Pros:

  • Lighthearted, cartoonish art style
  • Simple and responsive controls
  • New level every day for 1000 days, leaderboard is open for only 24 hours
  • Tons of replay value

1000 Heroz Cons:

  • Gold times are quite difficult to reach
  • Cannot improve upon previous scores on global leaderboards
  • Gets repetitive quickly

Each day, 1000 Heroz provides the gamer with a new hero to control, a new relic to obtain, and a new level to play, with the goal of reaching the finish line as quickly as possible. Undulating landscapes, gaps, and various small obstructions (rocks, springy bridges, etc.) must be considered as you make your way across the varied environments. In addition to racing through the levels, there are also gold pick-ups to snag, though they don’t have any discernible impact on gameplay other than giving slower gamers something to do other than attempt to compete on the daily fastest run leaderboards. There are also stars to earn (gold, silver, and bronze) based on your best times, and achieving at least a silver medal time will unlock that day’s relic. The relics are collectible objects that add incentive to keep trying each day to achieve a respectable level time. Most levels can be run in about 15-20 seconds without much trouble, making this a great pick-up-and-play option whenever you have a couple of free moments.

Graphically, the game has a fun cartoonish look, with silly characters of the caveman variety during the initial few days. Environments vary wildly, as we’ve seen lush greenery, an arid desert, and a frozen tundra. There’s no telling what we are in store for as days go by. The soundtrack is subtle, yet pleasant. The various sound effects from running and interacting with the environment take center stage. Controls are touch-based, offering left/right buttons on the lower left for movements and a jump button on the lower right. Quick-tapping the jump button will cause you to hop, while holding the button will initiate a much broader jump. Airtime will reduce your momentum, though, so you’ll want to use the jump option as efficiently as possible to maximize your speed. A restart button is also handy, and you’ll need this often.

Replay value is obviously outstanding, and the inclusion of global leaderboards allow you to challenge other gamers every day. Once a new level is released, the previous leaderboard is locked, though you can go back and replay any level at any time to improve your local score, earn medals, relics, or snag gold. Custom leagues can be set up to provide a smaller group of friends a place to battle for supremacy, and the Hall of Records maintains some interesting stats for you to peruse. At $0.99 (or $1.99 for the separate HD version), 1000 Heroz is a 4.5-Dimple stud.

1000 Heroz Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-06-11T23:47:18+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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