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Bug Wings Review
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Bug Wings, an endless runner (or flier) from DR Studios, is now available from the app store. Featuring a clean and colorful graphic interface, fun flight physics, and replay-ready collection mechanics, Bug Wings provides a fun, yet sometimes frustrating, experience.

Bug Wings Pros:

  • Bright and colorful pond atmosphere has fun appeal
  • Positioning of pollen and stars allows for multiple ways to play each level
  • Tilt or touch controls to navigate the area using cool glider physics

Bug Wings Cons:

  • Bit of a learning curve to get used to the controls
  • Not a lot of levels, can complete them fairly quickly
  • No social gaming integration
  • Gets repetitive quickly

Bug Wings contains both a single-player Story mode and a multiplayer Party mode for up to 4 players. There are 4 ponds in Story mode, with 6 levels in each (Practice, Points, Speed, and Power). As evidenced by their titles, each focuses on a different aspect of gameplay. To start, you select one of four bugs to play as, though the differences between each appear to be purely aesthetic. The goal of each level is to navigate the Great Pond, collecting hovering pollen balls and blue stars before landing on a lily pad. Misjudge your flight paths and you’ll get wet, ending the level. To launch, pull back on the leaf upon which your bug sits, moving side-to-side to aim. Releasing sets the bug airborne.

Tapping on the screen will unfurl its wings and allow you to take control of its flight, similar to Glu’s Glyder. You can select to control the bug via tilt or touch controls, dipping to build speed, climbing to gain height, and contacting pollen and stars to pick them up. Tapping the screen again will close your wings and cause you to plummet. You can alternate between these states to build speed, too. Pollen earns points and the stars initiate a multiplier. We found it very challenging to snag the hovering items, especially as most are oriented in parallel to the water line or very near objects that will disrupt your journey. Level flight isn’t something that is easy to pull off, as you are constantly dipping and climbing. Your perspective is also limited, so targeting items is difficult to judge.

The visuals are very appealing, with bright colorful imagery and water that looks fairly realistic. The bugs animations and flight physics feel pretty accurate, too, and thereis a good sense of speed in the bug’s flight. Accurately judging your momentum and knowing when to bail and head for the lily pad can be pretty tricky. The soundtrack is cheerful and upbeat, providing a light and arcade-like feel to the game. The controls are easy to use, but difficult to wield like a pro without a good deal of practice.

Replay value is middling, provided that you get the hang of the controls. If they don’t click within the first few minutes, it’s unlikely that you’ll keep playing and dunking your bugs over and over again. You can return to previously completed levels to improve your scores, though there is no social gaming integration for comparison against other players. A universal app at $0.99, Bug Wings is a 3.5-Dimple offering that can be a fun diversion for gamers of all ages.

Bug Wings Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-06-08T00:51:13+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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