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Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD Review
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Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD, a new tower defense offering from Com2uS, is now available from the app store. While Lost Earth doesn’t really offer anything too innovative, the presentation is well done and the gameplay is very enjoyable.

Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD Pros:

  • Impressive graphical presentation with easily differentiated towers and enemies
  • Varied level designs require a new strategy for each level
  • Simple controls
  • GameCenter integration for global leaderboards
  • Lot of medals to earn on each level

Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD Cons:

  • No in-game music other than on menus
  • Can be difficult, even on Easy level
  • No achievements

Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD contains a Story mode with 40 missions to play, as well as a 7-level Challenge mode. Utilizing a fixed path style, waves of enemies will pour onto the map and follow a specific convoluted pattern in an attempt to get through to the endpoint and destroy your base. Your goal is to place towers along this path to destroy the enemies before they make it through. There are a variety of tower types (Cannon, Scout, Splash, Laser, etc.), as well as a variety of enemies (Imps, Gremlins, Grizzlies, etc.). Placing towers is as easy as tapping an open location and picking the tower type that you want to place there. Each tower has a specific range and you’ll want to place towers in a way to maximize the area that it can cover. Placed towers can be upgraded in the same manner, allowing for increased damage to enemies and increased targeting area. You can also sell towers to free up resources to make other purchases or to clear valuable land in order to build a better tower in that location. Special powers (nuke, air strike, etc.) are also available for one-time use if you get overwhelmed.

Each level also features a specific game mode that dictates how to play, varying from defense to survive to gather to attack. Destroying enemies earns a certain number of units of the purple resource used to purchase towers and upgrades. Additionally, many levels contain nodes of this purple resource that you can destroy to accumulate large quantities of it. You’ll need to build close to these nodes and split time between attacking enemies and mining the resource to be most effective. Each level has a set number of waves (some may be infinite depending on the game mode), as well as a limit of enemies that can get by before you fail the level. At the conclusion of a level, you receive bonuses for the number of acceptable losses that remain available and how much time the level took to complete. This is where the speed up button and early call buttons come in handy. There are also a bunch of medals to earn for each level that include beating it on each of the difficulty levels, not allowing any enemies through, using the special weapon, and more.

Graphically, Lost Earth looks terrific, with a clean and colorful presentation and plenty of smooth explosive animations to keep genre fans happy. There are 5 different environments, so keeping the visuals and gameplay fresh shouldn’t be too difficult. The look of the towers and enemies are unique, allowing you to easily discern between different types at a glance. The soundtrack has a cool industrial feel, but it ceases to play during the battles. Controls are strictly touch-based, and building/upgrading/selling towers is pretty intuitive and easy to accomplish. You can pan by swiping, or pinch-to-zoom for up close looks or to see the whole field.

Replay value is good due to the Challenge mode, and GameCenter integration brings a bunch of leaderboards into the fray. Three difficulty levels allow you to tailor the AI strength to your abilities, though Easy is no pushover. A universal app for $4.99, Tower Defense: Lost Earth is an exciting 4-Dimple title that manages to stand out through aesthetics more than innovations.

Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-06-01T23:46:46+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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