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Demolition Dash Review
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Demolition Dash, the side-scroller from Chimera Entertainment and dreamfab that we previewed a couple of weeks ago, just went live in the app store. While little appears changed from the version we played then, it’s worth going a little more in-depth about the game, which we found to be a good deal of fun.

Demolition Dash Pros:

  • Highly-detailed levels full of destructible items and hazards
  • Cool soundtrack that fits theme of each city
  • Easy-to-use touch controls
  • Secondary objectives give the game good replay value
  • GameCenter integration for leaderboards and achievements

Demolition Dash Cons:

  • Some app instability, as we experienced a few crashes
  • Not as challenging as hoped
  • Fairly repetitive

There is but a single game mode at this time, but at least one additional mode is teased as a future update from the menu. World mode takes you through 8 of the world’s largest cities, with 3 stages to play in each city for a total of 24 scenarios. You control Zilla, a small red dino-dragon who evidently enjoys terrorizing densely-populated areas. His dance of destruction involves running through anything in his path (dumpsters, vehicles, and the like) while using his powerful roar to further decimate his surroundings (billboards, trees, etc.) and collecting colored balloons whenever possible. The only things that stand in his way are the military and the gaps between the building rooftops upon which he spends a good deal of time. He must either avoid the military or use his roar when in close proximity to preserve his health, which is cleverly measured by his tail. Each time Zilla gets hurt (runs into the military or falls off of a building), he loses a piece of his tail. Zilla can take a bit of damage and still function well, though the 4th hit is quite a doozy, putting him down for the count. To move from stage to stage, Zilla must reach the end before losing all of his health. Doing so will unlock the next stage, or next city once he completes the 3rd stage of the current city. Each stage also contains an additional goal to complete, such as destroying 35 dumpsters, snagging 65 red balloons, roaring through 12 tanks, or reaching a specific scoring plateau. As he auto-runs at a constant pace, you can neither speed up his assault nor slow down his journey to snag a object that you missed or attempt to completely clear an area of anything destructible.

Visually, Demolition Dash looks terrific, with highly-detailed cityscapes and level designs that offer alternate pathways and plenty of places to hide helpful power-ups. The power-ups offer Zilla temporary abilities, such as a wider roar radius, continuous jumping abilities, and invincibility. The animations are fluid and the destruction is awesome. Things can get a little cluttered on-screen, though, making it difficult to pick out certain objects or even recognize the military until you are right on top of them. We chalk it up to being part of the challenge, though, and it isn’t as bothersome as we first suspected. The soundtrack is pleasant, putting a spin on the background tune that matches the locale. The cute noises that Zilla makes, and the European-language orders barked by the military, add a good deal to the experience, too. Controls are all touch-based, utilizing a left-side jump button to avoid surface enemies and reach elevated platforms, as well as a right-side roar button to unleash his powerful attack on nearby objects. These controls can be inverted if you prefer them in the opposite corners. We found the controls easy to use and responsive.

Replay value is good, as the secondary objectives can take several playthroughs to achieve and more efficient destruction can keep your multiplier up and rack up better scores as you get more familiar with each level. GameCenter integration offers global leaderboards for each city, as well as a dozen achievements to earn. At an introductory sale price of $0.99 (or $1.99 for the HD version with smoother, hi-res graphics, better framerate, and more real estate to spot overhead platforms), Demolition Dash is a very solid 4-Dimple game.

Demolition Dash Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-05-25T19:47:56+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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