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Catch The Candy Review
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Catch The Candy, a quirky casual game from Bulkypix, just hit the app store. With its charming hand-drawn art style, simplified gameplay, and physics-based puzzles, Catch The Candy is a sweet and relaxing treat that’s tuned toward younger gamers.

Catch The Candy Pros:

  • Beautiful hand-drawn art style
  • Cheery Soundtrack
  • Simple one-touch controls
  • Clever level design
  • OpenFeint and GameCenter integration for single leaderboard and achievements

Catch The Candy Cons:

  • Some control imperfections, finger obscures screen
  • Game can be finished rather quickly with limited replay value

You play as a fuzzy purple creature with no legs, a super sticky tongue, and a wicked sweet tooth. Using your considerably lengthy tongue like a grappling hook, you must figure out how to get yourself to the delicious candy (or get the candy to you). Many levels contain environmental objects that you can use as anchor points, as you swing from your tongue and use your momentum to propel yourself to your treasured candy. At times, you’ll encounter objects that need to be pushed and pulled, which can also be accomplished by using your tongue. Sometimes, you’ll simply need to drag yourself across the ground to reach your treat. A counter tallies each time you unleash your tongue, with the total being your score for the level once you complete your task. As in golf, a low score is best. There are 53 levels to play, with the last 13 listed as Hard levels. The early levels are quite easy, though they do get more difficult as you plow through them. Each level should take less than a minute once you figure out how to complete your goal, but doing so with the fewest number of tongue lashings will probably require a few replays.

Graphically, Catch The Candy has a really appealing hand-drawn style, akin to the backdrops in Cover Orange. The animations are smooth and integral to the puzzles, such as a rotating water wheel that pulls you up toward the ledge with the candy when you snag it with your tongue. The soundtrack is cute and cheery, adding to the overall appeal for kids. The controls are tap-based, requiring only touching and holding the screen where you want your tongue to go. Releasing the screen releases your tongue from the object it is gripping. Timing is often the key to finding your candy quickly. Unfortunately, your finger typically obscures your view and many objects require pinpoint accuracy to grab, which isn’t always easy to pull off. It led to a lot of frustrating restarts, which diminished our enjoyment somewhat.

Replay value is middling, boosted mainly by the OpenFeint and GameCenter integration for leaderboards and achievements. The lone leaderboard is for total number of shots, which requires you to fully complete the game to get on the board at all. Most achievements are variations of the number of shots required to complete the game. It doesn’t offer a lot of incentive to keep playing, which will probably leave you moving on for good or temporarily while waiting for an update to bring new levels. At $0.99, Catch The Candy is a 4-Dimple snack that satisfies while it lasts.

Catch The Candy Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-05-11T23:32:16+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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