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Quick Reviews from the Request Desk – 5.9.11
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This edition of Quick Reviews features a photo-smooshing app, a turn-based strategy game, and a game with a dolphin with a frickin’ laser beam attached to its frickin’ head (sorry, just too easy). Enjoy!

All-In-1 Booth

All-In-1 Booth by Little Worlds Studios is a photo-editing app of the quirky variety that allows you to make 9 funny modifications to any headshot, such as making someone bald or messing with their noses, chins, and jawbones. You can use up to 3 of these modifications at once, giving you over 50 different possibilities for each photo. Snapping a headshot with the front-facing camera, the app tries to automatically detect the eyes, mouth, and chin, giving you markers that you can manually drag into place for slightly better results. Then, check the options you want and hit the button (which for some reason is in another language) and enjoy the results. You can save these pics if you like, or shake your device to view the before and after shots. You can quickly upload them to your favorite social networking site to share with friends, too. The interface isn’t terrible, but the buttons being in another language was an annoyance, since the rest of the app was in English. It’s easy enough to get around among the limited options, but this type of app is really only fun for about 60 seconds, at which point it is easily lost or forgotten. At $0.99, All-In-1 Booth is a 3-Dimple offering at best.

Laser Dolphin

Laser Dolphin by Dingo Games is a surprisingly fun little adventure with a bizarre storyline and equally bizarre protagonist. In an effort to save the Prime Minister from aliens, Laser Dolphin is called into service to blast through 50 levels spread across 4 worlds, taking on the likes of missile fish, bomb-dropping birds, explosive dolphins, mines, and much more. Along the way, Laser Dolphin is asked to collect 5 golden dolphin figurines and make it to the exit as quickly as possible. Laser Dolphin moves with the aid of the virtual joystick and fires his weapon by tapping on enemies. It feels like a dual-stick shooter, but acts much differently, which took a bit of getting used to. With its decent graphics and pretty fluid animations, it was actually fun to watch this dolphin burst into the air and flipper his way through tight situations. We were actually engaged with the gameplay and looking forward to the next crazy level. There are also 10 stunt levels and 10 race levels to enjoy as well, though we found racking up points in the stunt levels to be quite difficult. GameCenter integration allows for both leaderboards and an achievement system for added replay value. At $0.99, Laser Dolphin is a 4-Dimple game with a good deal of character and a dash of pizzazz..

Tactical Warrior

Tactical Warrior from James Pawliuk is a tactical turn-based strategy game with a fairly unassuming interface that belies its deep strategic rooting. Battles are waged in more than 100 scenarios, pitting men against beasts, men against men, 2 against 1, and any number of combinations of conflict. There are 10 unique warrior classes to choose from, offering different abilities based on your selection. Each turn, your characters have a number of points that can be spent attacking within their attack radius, moving around the tiled board, or resting to replenish their stamina. Characters can utilize a number of different attack types, which must take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the creature to be attacked. You must make decisions regarding when to play offensively and defensively. Stamina is recovered at the beginning of each turn, which will effectively undo some of the damage inflicted previously. You also need to keep an eye on armor and health gauges. There are a bunch of statuses to familiarize yourself with that affect gameplay in significant ways. More than 60 items can be obtained that will help you along the way. It can all be a little overwhelming at first, but like most good strategy games, a few playthroughs will have you understanding the finer points in no time. We enjoyed the simple cartoon style, the terrific soundtrack, and the easy-to-use tap controls. Replay value is good, with many different strategies to use and lots of scenarios to play out. There is even a hotseat multiplayer mode so that you can play with a friend, as well as over 60 GameCenter achievements to earn. Three difficulty levels allow you to ease into the gameplay based on your abilities and comfort level. In all, it’s a really well-done game and a lot of fun for players who enjoy thinking their way to victory rather than button-mashing. At $2.99, Tactical Warrior is a pretty solid 4-Dimple offering.

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