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Destructopus! Review
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Destructopus!, a new side-scroller from Glitchsoft, is now available from the app store. A pure arcade experience, Destructopus! offers cartoon mayhem in an attractive package.

Destructopus! Pros:

  • Fun, arcade look and good animation
  • Soundtrack is fitting to game style
  • Easy-to-use control system offering multiple attack maneuvers
  • Three star ratings offer some replay value
  • Engaging in short bursts

Destructopus! Cons:

  • No social gaming network
  • No screen flip
  • Not many levels at launch
  • Some control confusion

Playing as a 5-story octopus, you exact revenge upon humans who disturbed your slumber with their greedy, industrial, polluting ways. Naturally, you do this by destroying the oppressors and their environment with reckless abandon. The humans fight back by firing weapons at you, from machine guns and rocket launchers to tanks and helicopters that unleash missiles at your bulbous dome. Of course, you have a variety of ways to defend and attack, biting chunks out of buildings and ducking from incoming missiles to smacking around people and firing lasers from your giant eyeball. There are 3 movement buttons on the lower left side to control moving forward (right), backing up (left), and ducking (down). The rest of the controls involve tapping or holding on the screen in specific areas. Tapping the screen middle causes you to chomp in a forward thrusting motion, great for taking out multi-story buildings with red targets on them. Tapping the lower portion of the screen allows you to use your tentacle to slap at buildings, cars, people, containers, walls, and anything else that might get in your way. Tapping and holding on the screen allows you to aim your laser vision before firing single beams from your eye, which are great for vaporizing airborne missiles or the helicopters from which they were fired.

Destroyed objects often leave behind green orbs that are automatically consumed by Destructopus! to energize his power meter, making for stronger attacks. Red orbs will replenish his health meter, which can take a beating along the way. Run out of time or lose all of your health prior to reaching and freeing the captive animals and you lose. Each completed level gives you a score based on highest combos, enemies destroyed, destruction points acquired, time remaining, and health remaining. You score also translates into a star rating from one to three stars, offering replay value as you attempt certain levels over and over to obtain any stars missed on previous playthroughs. There are 16 levels in all, spread evenly across 4 different worlds, with a fun boss battle at the conclusion of each.

Visually, the game has a cool arcade style with graphics that stand out without being amazing. The environments are very colorful and the red targets are helpful indicators of which objects house green orbs. Some obstacles and enemies that require multiple hits to destroy have health bars for a quick indicator of how close you are to crushing them. The animations are well-done, and we really enjoyed upending shipping containers only to have them flip in the air and land on unsuspecting enemies, smashing both in the process. The soundtrack is equally arcade-like, with a rocking, upbeat track that fits the game style. The previously-explained controls were easy to get a handle on, but accurately differentiating between biting and slapping can be difficult without a clear demarcation line. There were several instances where we attempt one maneuver and saw the other occur, as we must have been too close to the dividing line when tapping. It’s mildly frustrating, but nothing we couldn’t work through.

Replay value is good, with the challenge of obtaining all stars and the enjoyment of simply trashing everything in sight bringing us back for more. There are no global leaderboards or achievements to earn, which is a lost opportunity, and we could use some more levels, as burning through the 16 provided doesn’t take all that long. At $1.99, Destructopus! is a 4-Dimple offering that quenches our destructive thirst.

Destructopus! Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-05-04T22:32:49+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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