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Bulletproof Review
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Bulletproof, Mobigame’s newest offering, has gone live in the app store. Mobigame has teamed up with La Chose and Amnesty International for this release, with all proceeds going to the charitable organization that fights for human rights across the globe.

Bulletproof Pros:

  • Nice graphics that create appropriate atmosphere
  • Clear sound effects for gun shots and bullet impacts
  • Simple control scheme that works very well
  • Promotes a worthy cause

Bulletproof Cons:

  • Last couple of levels are extremely difficult
  • Would like a little more info in-game about Amnesty International

Bulletproof opens with a cinematic scene of a prison where individuals are bound and made to live in squalor. Guards enter a cell and beat on one of the inmates before dragging him out to face a firing squad. This is where the game takes over. Your task is to stop the bullets fired at you from the firing squad. A number of armed guards stand in a row and fire bullets in random places at random times, with no 2 games ever being the same. There are 10 levels of increasing difficulty. As you progress, you must stop more bullets with fewer allowable impacts. The opening stage only contains one guard and asks you to stop 5 bullets while only allowing 6 impacts before you fail. Each time a weapon is fired, a yellow target appears on screen, shrinking to a smaller circle as the bullet gets closer. You must tap the center of this yellow circle to divert the bullet and save yourself. If you mis-tap or fail to stop a bullet, it causes a very cool glass-breaking mark on the screen, which remains to obscure your vision for the rest of the round.

The first 3 easy rounds allow 6 impacts while adding additional guards and asking you to stop 5, 20, and 30 bullets. The next 2 medium rounds allow 5 impacts while requiring 40 and 50 bullets to be stopped. Round 6 drops the impacts to 3, but only asks you to stop 10 bullets. Round 7 asks you to stop 30 bullets, and Round 8 requires 50 to move on. We are still stymied at Round 9, where we have to stop 90 bullets with just 3 allowable impacts. The final round tasks you with stopping a seemingly impossible 130 bullets without allowing a single impact. It’s a surprisingly engaging concept and the execution (no pun intended) is superb.

The graphics have a dour, almost black-and-white look that enhances the bleakness of the situation. The bronze bullets and bright yellow targets stand out against this backdrop. A supposed bare swinging lightbulb overhead casts shadows and great lighting effects. There is no soundtrack, but the gunfire effects and cracked glass help to immerse you in the frightening situation. Controls only require you to tap the target centers, and they work quite well. Any time we’ve missed a bullet, we’ve been fairly certain that we didn’t tap the right spot or we weren’t quick enough. There isn’t a whole lot of replay value once you complete the game, as there are no scores, points, leaderboards, achievements, or anything of the sort. The goal truly is to secure donations for Amnesty International as they celebrate their 50th anniversary and remain committed to their independence of any government, political, religious, or economic affiliation. As a universal app, you can play on any of your mobile iDevices. For $0.99, you can experience this 5-Dimple surprise and help out a worthwhile cause.

Bulletproof Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-04-20T23:26:45+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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