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Mr. Ninja Review
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Mr. Ninja, the third in a series of “Mr.”-themed games from PONOS, is now available from the app store. Like its predecessors, Mr. Ninja is a casual timewaster that offers a fun challenge that just keeps sucking us back in for one more go at it.

Mr. Ninja Pros:

  • Simple gameplay with addicting qualities
  • Clean graphics
  • Simple tap controls
  • Three game modes
  • GameCenter integration for global leaderboards

Mr. Ninja Cons:

  • No achievements
  • Cannot pan around levels
  • A little too much orange

Mr. Ninja boasts 3 fun game modes, the latter two being locked until you reach a set achievement in the previously unlocked mode. Mr. Ninja is a tiny black-clad fellow who spins around on black discs, leaping from one to another while attacking enemies in mid-air along the way. Level design is randomized, and the speed, size, and (in some instances) rotational direction vary, as well. Occasional cannons will fire you in a predefined direction. Enemies are arranged in a manner that gives a clue to the trajectory necessary to safely reach the next disc. When Mr. Ninja contacts enemies, he automatically slices and dices. Chains of consecutive defeated enemies can drive up your score quickly. Normal mode is an endless quest to reach each subsequent disc while racking up big points. Super Chain is a timed mode where slicing a star begins a short-lived chain mode where each subsequent defeated enemy drives up your multiplier. Missed enemies don’t reset your counter as they do in Normal mode. Impossible mode plays like Normal mode, but the discs are generally smaller and spaced farther apart, making it quite difficult to reach your target. In this mode, discs also spin counter-clockwise to create an additional challenge. The game ends in all modes when you miss the next disc and fall into oblivion.

Visually, Mr. Ninja has a unique and orange-y look that initially turned us off, but slowly grew on us over time. The ultra orange backdrop makes it very easy to see the black ninja, black wheels, and black enemies in contrast. Mr. Ninja also has a short series of dots protruding from his head that act as a directional clue for lining up your leap. The soundtrack is kind of catchy and arcade-like, and it never really gets annoying. A few sound effects for things like slicing and reaching the next disc help to flesh out the audio. The controls require a single tap anywhere to jump. It was only after about an hour of play through that we discovered that tapping while in mid-air will allow for a double-jump maneuver that can come in handy in the right instance. There is unfortunately no way to pan around the screen, even though the target disc may occasionally be out of visual range and require a leap of faith.

Replay value is terrific, as there are 3 unique and enjoyable high-score chasing modes to keep you playing over and over. We had a very difficult time putting the game down, which didn’t surprise us in the least, as Mr. AahH!! and Mr. Space!! caused the same feelings. GameCenter integration brings global leaderboards into the fray. There were no achievements. At $0.99, Mr. Ninja is a 4.5-Dimple offering that’s both fun and challenging.

Mr. Ninja Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-03-25T01:32:34+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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