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Collision Effect Review
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Collision Effect, an addictive new cosmic action-puzzler developed by Vishindo and published by Chillingo, is now available from the app store. Using simple tap controls and beautiful visuals, Collision Effect tests your mind and you dexterity in an exciting way.

Collision Effect Pros:

  • Beautiful graphics with neon tails that create cool designs
  • Ethereal sound effects fitting for the design
  • Simple tap-based controls
  • Two fun game modes
  • GameCenter and Crystal integration for global leaderboards and achievements

Collision Effect Cons:

  • Only 60 puzzles, would love some more

The goal is to combine matching-colored orbs, known as Zybbles, while preventing mismatched orbs from coming into contact. Zybbles of varying colors enter the screen from all sides. Tapping any one Zybble will cause all matching Zybbles to propel themselves like shooting stars toward the tapped Zybble. As long as the Zybbles hit nothing but the targeted Zybble, you will score points and the matched Zybbles will explode and disappear. The moment any mismatched Zybbles collide, the game ends. Collision Effect contains two fun game modes: Action and Puzzle. Action is a high-scoring affair, where you try survive the constant onslaught of Zybbles, earning big points through combos and the use of special orbs. There are 3 difficulty levels to allow you to tailor the pace to your liking. Puzzle contains 60 pre-defined set-ups that place a number of Zybbles around the screen, with the goal of reducing each grouping down to one Zybble of each color. Timing is crucial as you’ll need to start one set of Zybbles moving to vacate the line of sight of other Zybbles so that all can make it safely to their goal. There are no scores or timers in this mode.

Collision Effect is visually appealing, with brightly neon-colored Zybbles against a dark, spacey backdrop. The Retina Display support gives everything a crisp and clear look. The flight paths of the orbs leave a colorful tail that takes several seconds to fade out. The result of moving several Zybbles at once is a unique and beautiful pattern that is ever altered by each move. The soundtrack utilizes atmospheric ethereal sounds that complement the spacey theme nicely. The controls require a single tap on a Zybble and nothing more. It is ultra-simple and very responsive.

Replay value is high, especially for the Action mode, with a strong “one-more-try” play style. GameCenter and Crystal integration bring global leaderboards and achievements into the fray. Our first playthrough lasted quite a bit longer than we expected, as we couldn’t seem to put it down, the true mark of a winner. As a universal app, you can play on both iPhone/iPod and iPad. For $0.99, Collision Effect is a 5-Dimple blast that’s highly recommended.

Collision Effect Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-03-08T20:51:41+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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