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Can Knockdown 2 Review
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Can Knockdown 2, a great follow-up title from Infinite Dreams, is now available from the app store. Expanding upon the first by adding a couple of great modes and more classic configurations, Can Knockdown 2 is even more addictive than its predecessor.

Can Knockdown 2 Pros:

  • Great visuals and very smooth animations
  • Simple line-drawing control scheme that uses speed to determine force
  • Multiple game modes keep things fresh
  • GameCenter integration for global leaderboards and achievements

Can Knockdown 2 Cons:

  • Some options buttons are difficult to see and hit
  • Instructions not contained within app

Can Knockdown 2 contains the Classic mode found in the first iteration, as well as Target and Sniper modes. Classic mode presents you with several configurations of cans and tasks you with knocking them off the shelf with the provided balls. Each time you knock the stack out with a single ball, you increase a score multiplier. For each ball that doesn’t knock the whole stack over, you lose a ball. Lose 5 balls and the game is over. There are a number of special cans that occasionally appear, such as the exploding can that can wipe out a whole stack fairly easily and the extra ball can, that restores one of your lost balls. As you progress, you’ll have to avoid moving shields, contend with conveyor belts that move cans around, and other such obstacles.

Target mode practically eliminates all cans, instead popping up random wooden targets to hit. You score a point or two for hitting the outer regions and a full 5 points for hitting the bulls-eye and breaking the target apart. You have 60 seconds to score as many points as possible. An occasional can will be tossed into the air. Hit the can to earn back 10 seconds of time and a points multiplier. Each bulls-eye also earns one additional second back on the timer. Sniper mode is like skeet shooting with cans. A variety of cans are tossed into the air, requiring timing and precision to hit them. In addition to explosive cans, you’ll also encounter cans that slow time, reduce your timer, add time onto the timer, speed up play, and even cause sudden death. This is another timed mode, and you can throw as many balls as you want, as often as you want. This is probably the most difficult mode, yet it’s also the most satisfying when you get on a hot streak.

The game oozes polish, right down to its menus where modes are chosen by using a ball to knock over a wooden box representing the desired mode. There are also buttons to allow you to access GameCenter leaderboards and achievements, as well as instructions, but these buttons are awfully small and difficult to hit. It should also be noted that scores won’t be submitted and achievements won’t be earned unless you open GameCenter and sign on first, which cost us some great scores. There are also tiny buttons within each game to reset, toggle sound, and exit, though they are also difficult to see and hit.

Visually, the graphics are crisp, detail is high, and animations are very smooth. Each mode has a distinct background and your scores are easily visible. The balls roll in from the side of the screen along the screen bottom and all targets are clearly seen. Balls are thrown by drawing a line from the ball to the targeted spot. It’s not quite a flicking motion, but close enough that we felt it was an appropriate way to interact with the game. The speed with which you draw the line determines the force with which the ball is thrown. We had no trouble getting used to this mechanic and ran up some pretty good scores in no time. There is no music, but there are plenty of cool sound effects to enhance the gameplay.

Replay value is great, with GameCenter providing global leaderboards and achievements, though it shouldn’t take too long to complete most of these. The three modes help to keep things fresh and avoid boredom setting in too quickly, as the game can get repetitive. The inclusion of special cans is a welcome way to mix things up. For $0.99, Can Knockdown 2 is a 4.5-Dimple funfest at a great price.

Can Knockdown 2 Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-03-04T01:38:35+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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