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The Blocks Cometh by Halfbot Review
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The Blocks Cometh by Halfbot, not to be confused with the complete rip-off that appeared on the app store a few weeks ago and has since been pulled, is now officially available for download. Featuring frantic gameplay, easy controls, and a fun crossover with League of Evil, The Blocks Cometh provides plenty of excitement to balance out the frequent frustrations.

The Blocks Cometh Pros:

  • Simple and appealing retro style
  • Easy-to-use, responsive controls
  • Addictive, bite-sized gameplay perfect for quick bursts
  • GameCenter and OpenFeint integration for global leaderboard and achievements

The Blocks Cometh Cons:

  • Achieving a triple-digit score can be difficult
  • Portrait orientation leads to cramped thumbs
  • Can get repetitive

There is but a single game mode and no difficulty levels to speak of in the game. The only customizable option available is a toggle between tilt and touch controls. You can elect to play as one of five characters, though only one is unlocked from the start. The others become available by achieving specific heights or meeting certain conditions. The characters are rated by their speed, jump ability, and attack power, making them more than just cosmetic adjustments to the gameplay. The goal is to reach the greatest height possible by avoiding being crushed by the non-stop falling blocks and climbing atop the stacks as they pile up. Blocks will close in quickly, cutting off escape routes and forcing you to make snap decisions and twitch movements just to survive. It’s quite difficult to crack the 200m mark, let alone run up a huge score. The number of double-digit finishes can be quite frustrating, as the game seems fairly straightforward and simple.

League of Evil characters are two of the unlockables that you’ll be able to play as once you achieve the necessary feats. League of Evil has returned the favor by theming several new levels with the blocks from The Blocks Cometh. The control schemes are nearly identical, too, as each utilizes left/right arrows for movement, an A button for jumping (double-tap to double jump), and a B button to attack. You can also choose tilt controls for movement, but we found these to be less precise than the touch controls. Pressing against a block can slow your descent and allow you to wall-jump away to a safer location. Shooting blocks can remove some obstacles and allow you to shape the landscape to your benefit. Once a block lands on you, the game is over. Your highest achieved height becomes your score. The graphics have a great retro look, and the blocks create a colorful mosaic against a backdrop that depicts a crumbling world. The game is only presented in portrait mode to allow plenty of time to see what’s coming, though this can caused cramped thumbs from prolonged play. The soundtrack and sound effects create a cool industrial/arcade mix.

Replay value is great, despite the frustrating nature of constantly being bombarded by blocks that typically don’t let you get very far. GameCenter and OpenFeint integration offer a global leaderboard for total height and a whole bunch of achievements to earn. The unlockables and bite-sized gameplay offer additional incentive to keep coming back for quick action hits. At $0.99, The Blocks Cometh is a solid 4.5-Dimple challenge.

The Blocks Cometh by Halfbot Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-02-17T22:42:38+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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