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League of Evil Review
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League of Evil is a slick little platformer of bite-sized proportions. Available now from the app store, this gem from Ravenous Games has been occupying quite a bit of our time lately.

League of Evil Pros:

  • Addictive, quick-burst gameplay
  • Spot-on, responsive controls
  • OpenFeint achievements to earn
  • Pixel art style and chiptune soundtrack

League of Evil Cons:

  • The 54 levels don’t take too long to complete

The backstory is that a whole bunch of bad guys have joined forces to create a League of Evil, and you are the only one capable of stopping them. There is but a single game mode containing 54 levels of increasingly difficult action in a variety of environments. Each level requires less than a minute to complete, and you earn 1, 2, or 3 stars for besting the target times. The goal is to find and destroy the scientist on each level by delivering a well-deserved punch. A side quest on each level asks you to retrieve a suitcase in addition to killing the scientist, again within the specified time parameters. Each successive level introduces new dangers and obstacles, as well as a more convoluted maze to navigate. Lava, hammers, spikes, and mad henchmen await in the early levels to thwart your attempts. Swift movements and twitchy reactions are the key to surviving.

Graphically, League of Evil utilizes a terrific pixel art style, nicely complemented by its upbeat chiptune soundtrack. Both the look and sound are quite appealing, and they show that you don’t need slick graphics and epic scores to create an exciting app. The controls are also spot-on, utilizing a left and right arrow on the left side of the screen, as well as A/B buttons on the right for jumping and punching. Wall jumping and wall hugging allow you to manage steep heights with ease, while double-tapping the jump button allows you to double-jump over lengthy obstacles. The controls are surprisingly responsive and mindlessly easy to use. Our only issue was with pulling off wall jumps in some areas where a normal jump height would just get you to the very bottom of a wall. With some practice, we’ve found ourselves improving our timing to get through these obstacles on the first or second try, a necessity with the clock ticking.

Replay value is great, as you’ll likely need to repeat levels to earn better times and snag suitcases that you missed the first time through. You can also shave valuable seconds off of your best times in a quest to perfect your run through the level. The beatings that you put on your enemies are also very satisfying and worth enjoying again and again. OpenFeint integration allows for a half-dozen achievements, but no leaderboards. For $0.99, League of Evil is a thoroughly captivating, 5-Dimple winner.

League of Evil Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-02-10T01:10:14+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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