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Bop It! Review
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Bop It!, EA’s crack at the popular children’s game of fast thinking and faster reacting, is now available from the app store. Though it lacks the tactile feel of the original, oddly-shaped device, Bop It! still offers a fun, fits-in-your-pocket experience that fans should find satisfying.

Bop It! Pros:

  • Familiar gameplay and audio
  • Intuitive controls using touch, tilt, and rhythm
  • Multiple game modes
  • Local, global, and Facebook leaderboards
  • Achievements to earn

Bop It! Cons:

  • Repetitive motions across multiple Bopjects
  • Controls don’t always trigger properly

Bop It! brings the familiar bopping, twisting, and pulling options, but finds fun ways to expound on that formula by adding timers, increasing the number of Bopjects (their word, not mine) to 12, and adding bonuses for both rhythm and tilt-based maneuvers. There are 8 game types in all, 4 in Solo mode and 4 in Multiplayer mode. Solo mode offers Classic (just Bop, Twist, and Pull), Basic (similar to Classic, but you can earn bonuses for maneuvering in rhythm and for using accelerometer-based controls to twist and pull, Extreme (similar to Basic but with up to 6 Bopjects on-screen), and Blitz (timer-based mode where you rush to complete 20 moves in as little time as possible). Multiplayer modes are available for Basic, Extreme, and Blitz, as well as Head 2 Head. These first three utilize pass and play functionality, while the fourth actually has you both competing at the same time to see who can perform the requested moves first. Through the course of play, you unlock new Bopjects, which makes this more frenzied as you try to remember the gestures to complete each command. One of the newer Bopjects, Shout, uses the microphone to complete the task, though you can also tap on the microphone on-screen if you don’t have a built-in mic. Commands can be spoken words, text, or sound effects, each bringing a unique challenge to the game.

The graphics are pretty decent, with the familiar shapes of each of the Bopjects appearing detached from the unit. Controls are explained as Bopjects are unlocked, though you can also access info and tutorials from the Help menu. Some maneuvers require two fingers to pinch in (Squeeze) or twist (pinch out). A single tap completes the Bop, Tap, Poke, or Shout command, while Pull, Flick, Shake, Brush, and Twist all require swipes in the appropriate direction. Crank requires you to draw a circle. The movements are fairly repetitive and the interface eliminates the need to remember where on the device each of the Bopjects are, yet the game still has that certain something that keeps you playing. The soundtrack and voice are reminiscent of the original game, which is cool. In all, it’s a pretty faithful interpretation of the well-loved toy.

Replay value is great, as you can always best your high scores if you concentrate and move fast enough. High scores are maintained locally, globally, and through Facebook. A bunch of achievements are also available to earn, mostly for unlocking Bopjects or completing a large number of the same maneuvers. At $2.99, Bop It! is one of the less expensive EA titles and it comes in well below the retail price of the actual toy, making this a 4-Dimple jaunt down nostalgia lane.

Bop It! Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-02-09T00:09:45+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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