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Burn The Rope Review
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Burn The Rope, a clever new puzzler from Big Blue Bubble, is now available from the app store. Whereas popular rope-based puzzlers typically involve covering specific areas with rope or connecting preset points with a minimal amount of twine, Burn The Rope focuses on eliminating the rope completely.

Burn The Rope Pros:

  • Polished graphics
  • Catchy tunes
  • Responsive tilt-based controls
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Lots of levels with more on the way

Burn The Rope Cons:

  • Issues with visibility at rope corners
  • No social gaming network integration

Burn The Rope contains 80 levels of puzzling fun, requiring you to set fire to any spot on the rope-based designs in the hopes of leaving no smoldering ashes behind. The caveat is that the flames can only burn upward, as the flickering light will extinguish otherwise. To keep a length of rope above the fire, you must rotate your iDevice into position, which can leave you spinning madly with some of the more intricate designs. Multiple flames can burn simultaneously, provided that you can keep them in a position where both have rope to burn. This can be quite a difficult task. As you progress in the game, you’ll also encounter ants who change the flames color, a necessity to burn sections of rope with a matching color. There are also beetles that must be snuffed by the appropriately-colored flame and spiders that can sling webs to other sections of the design, offering a new avenue by which your little light can be kept alive. Medals are awarded for burning certain percentages of the rope, from bronze to silver to gold, which requires 100% of the rope to go up in smoke. You must at least earn a bronze to move to the next level. This title seems to have the chops to take up extended residence atop the app store charts.

Graphically, the game has a fun and polished look, with nice flickering fire animations and woodsy backdrops that give the impression that you are in the great outdoors. A progress bar at the screen top indicates how much of the design has been destroyed, as well as when you will earn medals. Your current level and pause button are in the bottom corners. The soundtrack contains a quirky and funky little title tune that will bury itself deep in you brain and manifest itself at various times throughout the day. Be warned! The in-game music is pretty chill and relaxing, too. Controls require a tap to light the fire and tilt mechanics to keep it alive. These work very well for the most part, though we did encounter issues with tiny rope segments remaining when we turned the flame in corners. This is likely because it is hard to see exactly when you’ve burned to the end of a segment and the window during which the flame can be stationary without extinguishing is very short.

Replay value is good, as it’ll certainly take repeated attempts to earn gold medals on all levels. Unfortunately, there is no social gaming network integration, so you won’t be able to compare scores with other players, nor snag fun achievements that have become commonplace in similar games. Regardless, Burn The Rope remains a fun diversion and a 4.5-Dimple stud. Pick it up now for $0.99 before the price goes up.

Burn The Rope Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2010-12-28T01:40:28+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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