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BIG BAD Flower Review
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BIG BAD Flower, a cheerful twist on castle defense games from BIG BAD BRUSH, is now available from the app store. Utilizing simple control mechanics with frenzied gameplay, BIG BAD Flower is bubbling its way up the app store charts.

BIG BAD Flower Pros:

  • Whimsical premise and great cartoon styling
  • Music is catchy
  • Clever control scheme

BIG BAD Flower Cons:

  • No social networking integration for leaderboards/achievements
  • Very repetitive gameplay

The creation of a mad scientist, our genetically-altered sunflower seeks world domination by ensnaring enemies within bubbles and spinning his petals to blow away the opposing forces. The flower takes center stage as enemies ranging from fellow fauna to more advanced life forms attempt to snap his stem through direct attacks and hurtling projectiles. From the ground to the skies, enemies will attack from all directions, requiring rapt attention and quick fingers to avoid ending up in a flower shop. Attacks cause visual damage, as your petals become ripped and torn until you cannot hold up your head any longer and succumb to the masses.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a game if the flower didn’t fight back. Enemies can be encapsulated within bubbles by simply drawing a circle around them. Larger bubbles can hold multiple enemies. Once in the bubbles, a swipe across the flower’s head will spin its petals like a propeller, blowing all bubbles off-screen. If you wait too long to blow away the bubbles, they will pop and the enemy will resume his attack. Airborne objects can be stopped by tapping on them, and a special lightning attack will surround all on-screen enemies in bubbles instantaneously, offering a couple of additional means of defense. While gameplay starts out slow and eases you into the mechanics, you’ll quickly find yourself circling, tapping, and swiping madly all over your screen. There are 15 levels of play within 3 environments, with an additional 3 unlockable bonus levels.

Graphically, BIG BAD Flower has a cute, cartoony look, with colorful characters and a cheery vibe, despite its world domination theme and angry main character. The soundtrack is a catchy little tune that has ominous tones without sounding too foreboding. Controls were simple to use and fairly responsive, despite the occasional need to re-swipe the flower or redraw an incomplete bubble.

Replay value is pretty limited, as the game is quite repetitive and doesn’t offer integration with any social gaming network for global comparison of scores or earned achievements. There isn’t a great level of variation or difficulty that should keep you from finishing the game quickly. It does remain a fun timewaster if you are into these kinds of games, though, and there is no denying its charm. Whether or not it has staying power is to be determined. Currently on sale for $1.99 through Halloween, it’s worth picking up this 4-Dimple offering.

BIG BAD Flower Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2010-10-22T23:47:03+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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