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Sir Lovalot Review
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Sir Lovalot, a vertical platformer from Hungry Game, is now available from the app store. While Sir Lovalot doesn’t bring a ton of freshness to this overcrowded genre, it does manage to win us over with its fun graphics, varied platforms, collectible items, and love-chasing storyline.

Sir Lovalot Pros:

  • Clever take on vertical platformers
  • Cute graphics and simple controls
  • Collectible items
  • OpenFeint integration

Sir Lovalot Cons:

  • Mediocre audio and annoying sound effects
  • On-screen text can obscure view

Ever since Doodle Jump exploded onto the scene, there has been an overwhelming deluge of apps that try to emulate the granddaddy of vertical platformers. While many are unplayable dung heaps cobbled together to take advantage of the consumers’ desires to jump higher and survive longer, a select few have clearly put some effort into making something worthwhile that stands a chance of garnering some staying power. Sir Lovalot is one of these select few. The same general idea applies: A perpetual jumping character leaps upward from platform to platform in an endless quest to rise as high as possible while avoiding pitfalls that will send him back down into oblivion. In Sir Lovalot, you play a knight on a love quest, ascending the Infinite Tower (aptly named). Stones jut out from the cylindrical structure, offering a temporary foothold from which to continuously propel yourself skyward in search of maidens to kiss. Sadly, he never finds any.

As with its competition, Sir Lovalot utilizes the accelerometer to direct his path and locate the next foothold. Unlike the competition, it is not our randy hero who moves about, but rather the tower that he’s climbing that rotates 360-degrees. The footholds come in various flavors, such as safe flat stones, trap doors, trampolines, moving stones, spiked landing zones, fiery stones, and more. Hitting the spikes will injure, but not immediately kill, Sir Lovalot, unless he hits them a couple of times and uses up his three hearts. Trap doors act as flat stones when you first hit them, but they fall away afterward, leaving one fewer stone to bounce on. Trampolines give you an extra boost. Moving stones slide back and forth, making your landing a bit trickier. Missing a platform also won’t kill you immediately, as there is a short forgiveness zone where you can fall back a couple of levels without dying. Fiery stones will reduce your hearts, but give you a boost in the process. Pass too many stones, however, and you’ll meet your demise.

You are also timed on how quickly you ascend the castle, with checkpoints that add extra time as you pass them. You score combo points for each successive new platform you land on, though they are reset if you hit spikes, ascend by bird, or hit two consecutive platforms at the same level. A series of collectible items can be found along the way, adding bonuses and filling your collection. The occasional bird can also fast track you for a certain distance, making your job a heck of a lot easier. The graphics are cutesy and cartoonish, with a distinct style that’s quite appealing. Controls are pretty spot on, exhibiting good speed and accuracy. The audio is the most disappointing aspect of the game, with odd voice work and the same annoying “boing” noise with each jump. This is one our two biggest complaints that we’d like to see fixed. The other is the on-screen text pop-up, especially the Extra Time graphic, which actually obscures our view of the platforms for a moment, which it turns out is long enough to end the occasional game. The text that indicates your current combo number is also distracting.

Replay value is very good, as you always stand to improve upon your previous score. OpenFeint is utilized for leaderboards, tracking your highest score and best climb. There is also 1, yes, 1 achievement to earn for a 50-jump combo. It would be nice if this was expanded to include a few more achievements. At $0.99, Sir Lovalot is a 4.5-Dimple offering that’s worth your time and money.

Sir Lovalot Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2010-10-09T12:15:55+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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