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Rimelands: Hammer of Thor Review
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Rimelands: Hammer of Thor, a strategic turn based RPG from Diceworks and Crescent Moon Games is now available for all RPG aficionados on the app store to try out. With simple controls, an engaging combat system and some great graphics, this game should please both casual iPhone gamers as well as hardcore RPG veterans

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor Pros:

· Simple and straightforward tutorial
· Nicely drawn story sections
· Absolutely no grinding at all!
· Well developed skill trees that allow hybrid characters
· An engaging combat system

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor Cons:

· Really awkward difficulty curve
· There is a meager maximum of 9 of each potion, which can be annoying, especially with a weak character
· Sometimes it feels like fighting is almost too heavily based on luck

In an alternate reality at the time of the industrial revolution, humans have become too power hungry and have caused so much pollution they must hide underground in vaults until the pollution goes away. Fast forward a hundred years, humans attempt to leave the vaults but find the world inhabited by the fae, magical beings. A war ensues, but after a while a treaty is agreed upon and the humans scurry out of their underground habitats, leaving behind many precious treasures behind for daring adventurers to claim.

You are one of those treasure hunters, trekking through the treacherous vaults for the prizes that await. The game sets you off easy so as to establish the controls and the other game mechanics, which come in useful later on in the game.

The storyline is told through text illustrated by attractive painted images, which complement together very well, although the cutscenes usually only present an important part in the story, such as a vision, or a flashback.

The leveling up in this game is smooth and easy and grinding should not be necessary at any point throughout the game due to the more strategic nature of the game. This can cause some problems though, as the difficulty curve is quite awkward, as it can get extremely difficult when you’re put up against three enemies, each from a different side.

It does get easier as you gain more dice and skills though, and at a certain point, you can pretty much kill every enemy in a shot or two, though it doesn’t take away from the gameplay at all, as it’s quite fun trying out new skills and weapons against enemies. The one disappointment that arises from this is that bosses can pretty much be defeated without much trouble at all for the most part.

Sometimes, you may encounter a mission where instead of running in with swords waving and guns ablaze, you must creep around areas without being spotted by enemies. These missions add another element of thought into the game and are a nice intermission to the action.

Another interesting feature in the game is the ability to create hybrid characters, which allows the player to use skills from multiple skill tree, which is a great feature which we loved. it allows for much more open gameplay and when used right, can create an absolutely phenomenal character.

Overall, this really is an excellent turn based RPG which anyone can enjoy, even casual gamers. If you’re looking for another RPG to dig into or are just looking for a taste of the best role playing gameplay on the app store, this solid five dimple game can always be recommended.

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor Review, reviewed by jacques on 2010-09-10T13:46:13+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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