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Solomon’s Boneyard for iPhone Review
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Solomon’s Boneyard, a dual stick survival game by Raptisoft, is now available from the app store. Although the game has many different playable characters and buyable powerups, as well as superb graphics, the lack of different levels makes it somewhat repetitive.


  • 7 unlockable characters
  • Many skill upgrades to purchase
  • Awesome lighting effects
  • Different obstacles and enemies in levels


  • One survival map
  • Gameplay starts out slowly

Solomon’s Boneyard is a prequel to the dual stick dungeon crawler, Solomon’s Keep, and happens 23 years prior to that time. You can play as one of 4 starting characters, each of which casts a different type of spell. 3 more characters can be purchased using gold coins earned during gameplay. The special abilities include fireballs, lightning strikes, and other magical effects. In every new game, you start out at the bottom of a map full of gravestones and scary trees. A powerful magician, Solomon Dark, is shown inside of a grave practicing dark magic, and sends a bunch of monsters to attack you. From then on, you need to survive as long as possible by using your skill against the skeletons and demons. Your health is shown on a bar at the top of the screen, along with your mana. Every time you use your skill, your mana decreases a little bit. You also have 2 other perks that you can use during the game that are much stronger than the regular attack. Some monsters drop gold that you can pick up to buy extra perks, upgrades, and equipment to do better in the game.

We really loved the lighting in Solomon’s Boneyard. Your character carries around a torch that illuminates nearby areas, but the light is blocked by solid objects such as gravestones and trees. In addition, the obstacles in the map add an entirely new challenge to the overall game. The level looks spooky, and the sound effects might send a chill down your spine every now and then as well. The controls in the game are easy and similar to that of Solomon’s Keep. You move with the left stick and shoot with the right stick. There are buttons to press for using your perks and strong spells.

Raptisoft only included one graveyard map in the game, and while it is well-done, there isn’t much depth to the game. Also, the monsters don’t come at you very fast, dragging out the length of every game. It takes a while to earn gold, as it is only dropped on rare occasions. Raptisoft is, however, known for providing contents updates for its games, so we will most likely see some new levels and possible game modes in the future.

Solomon’s Boneyard is a nice dual stick shooter with a RPG twist, and if you enjoyed Solomon’s Keep, then you will be familiar with and enjoy many elements of this game. The massive amount of items and upgrades to purchase adds a lot of replay value as well. Solomon’s Boneyard is a fun little 3.5-Dimple game for only $0.99.

Solomon's Boneyard for iPhone Review, reviewed by Felix Xiao on 2010-09-09T22:29:09+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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