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Slice It! Review
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Slice It!, a geometry-based puzzle game from Com2uS, is now available from the app store. It is a fun head-scratcher that requires outstanding spatial skills and precise slicing-and-dicing of the various configurations to successfully maneuver through each level.

Slice It! Pros:

  • Simple, yet pleasant, graphics
  • Upbeat soundtrack
  • Easy-to-use, multitouch controls
  • Thought-provoking gameplay
  • Lot of levels with more to come

Slice It! Cons:

  • No social gaming integration

Slice It! contains 60 stages, broken into groups of 20, with 2 additional groupings listed as awaiting future updates. Each level presents you with a different geometric shape or configuration of shapes that must be sliced a specific number of times, rendering the image split into the required number of sections of equivalent surface area. The initial levels are very simple. You start by slicing a square into two halves, you split a triangle into thirds, and so on and so forth. It is easy to identify where the cuts need to take place and eyeballing the picture is pretty easy. Fairly quickly, you’ll encounter puzzles that require a good deal of trial-and-error, as you try to dice a triangle into 6 equal sections (easier said than done). Each new grouping also incorporates a new gameplay element, such as areas that cannot be cut through or mirrors that reflected your lines, adding interesting challenges to keep things fresh.

After completing your slices, the image separates into the new pieces and a percentage of surface area is indicated within each. If the amounta are close enough to each other, the board is cleared and you move on to the next. If there are significant discrepancies, you fail and must try again. Slicing exactly equivalent pieces earns a perfect rating. Your slicing abilities are ranked after each level from one to five stars. Earning a greater number of stars will reward you with hints that can be banked and used later in the game when you get stuck on a level.

Slice It! incorporates a fun musical soundtrack with appealing sound effects, while utilizing a simplistic, “doodle”-style design that presents shapes as featureless pencil drawings upon a graph paper background. The design works well, as the graph paper allows for greater accuracy in sizing up the situation and knowing where to position your lines. Lines are drawn by dragging your finger from a position outside of the shape, through the shape, and out to another position outside of the shape. While your finger is in contact with the iDevice, the line appears dotted while within the confines of the shape, turning to solid once it is clear through. Lines can easily be reversed by tapping the Undone button. Our biggest issue was with the imprecision of using your finger to position the line exactly. It often required several attempts at each line to get it just where we wanted it. That is, until we realized that Slice It! supports multi-touch, allowing us to use two fingers as the endpoints of the line, easily repositioning our cuts precisely where we wanted them. Once we realized this, the game became a lot more fun, offering challenging gameplay without being overly difficult.

Replay value is good for perfectionists who need to achieve perfect ratios to be satisfied. For the rest of the pack, replay value is decent, though the lack of some type of social gaming network with leaderboards and achievements diminishes this quality significantly. However, for $0.99, it’s a great brain exercise and challenging 4.5-Dimple puzzler that’s fun for the whole family.

Slice It! Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2010-09-03T04:39:14+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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