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Xenome Episode 1: Post-Apocalyptic Open-Environment Thriller
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Xenome Episode 1, a new 3D action-adventure RPG by Nine Pound Studios where you explore a dangerous wasteland while fighting monsters and gaining experience, is now available from the app store. This game offers a mysterious, exciting storyline, over 5 square miles of territory to explore, and a great gameplay interface that makes Xenome: Episode 1 really enjoyable.

Xenome Episode 1 Pros:

  • Vast open environment to wander around in
  • Great and mysterious storyline
  • Many items to find and equip
  • Various abilities and chemicals
  • Not your typical hack and slash RPG

Xenome Episode 1 Cons:

  • Does not work on older devices
  • Lags at times
  • Controls could be better

Enjoyable, that is…if you own an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or a 32GB/64GB iPod Touch. As of right now, Xenome: Episode 1 only works on these devices and is not compatible with older models. In fact, iTunes won’t even let you install the app onto your iPhone if it doesn’t meet the hardware requirement. However, Nine Pound Studios has recently hired 2nd generation software testers and an update will be released soon that will hopefully make the game compatible with older devices.

Xenome is one of the few open-environment action-adventure games that are currently present in the iDevice world. The game starts with your character being “reactivated” after some 250 years of warfare. The civilization and environemt that you live in are completely deserted and filled with several survivors, monsters, and secrets that you have to find. The game has a fascinating storyline that involves many mysteries and hours of playtime. Xenome is an RPG game more than anything else, as you are free to roam the desert, protecting yourself from monsters, completing missions, finding new items, and learning new abilities. There are various groups that try to seek your allegiance and will turn against you if you refuse. While many RPG games are hack-and-slash games, Xenome has an auto-attack button that will turn red if near an enemy. Your character will then automatically start attacking the enemy, while your job is to use various skills and items that prove to crucial to your survival. Enemies often drop loot, which includes items that you can equip and money that can be used to buy other weapons and special chemicals. There are chemists located near the deserted cities that can provide you with powerful potions and antidotes. There is a very helpful minimap, accessed by pressing the compass at the top of the screen, that shows your location and landmarks in the vast deserted wasteland.

The controls in the game are acceptable, but have much room to improve upon. The left stick is used for movement and the right stick is used for looking in different directions. We really hope that a future update will change the controls to where you only need to swipe the screen to look in a different direction. Graphics are appropriate for the storyline of the game, but there are times when certain objects, such as buildings and trees, don’t show up on your screen for a while but still obstruct your path. The game also lags at times. Even after rebooting and reinstalling the app on our device, we found that there were certain parts in the game where there would be lag every 3 or 4 seconds. Another issue is that monsters that you kill seem to stay collapsed in a spot for the rest of the game and don’t respawn. This could be an issue if you had already killed a lot of the monsters and a mission required you to find several more, but there were very few monsters left in the map.

Many of the current problems, such as lagging, device compatibility, and controls will most likely be addressed in future updates. Nine Pound Studios has created an open environment that provides countless hours of great gaming. Get this 4-Dimple thriller for $7.99…while you still can.

Xenome Episode 1: Post-Apocalyptic Open-Environment Thriller, reviewed by Felix Xiao on 2010-08-02T21:51:46+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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