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180: Reinventing Match-3 Gaming

180, a cool new match-3 game with a twist by Headcase Games, is now available from the app store. This games takes a classic game type and adds numerous features, such as flipping and shooting to destroy coins of the same color. Take Bejeweled and Tetris and put them together, and you get 180, a simple game that’s really fun to play.

180 Pros:

  • 3 game modes to choose from
  • 4 characters to play as
  • Smooth gameplay and graphics
  • Flipping coins is a lot of fun
  • Openfeint integration

180 Cons:

  • Instructions are shown every time a game is played

180 revolves around a simple, challenging, yet addicting concept. Each coin in the game has two sides of different colors and can be flipped at any time by tapping on it. Your goal is to shoot coins to match 3 or more coins of the same color in order to remove them from the game area. Coins move from the top of the screen towards the bottom in rows of 6, slowly at first but really fast in later levels. If a coin passes the red line at the bottom of the screen, the game ends. To prevent this from happening, you shoot coins onto the screen by tapping in the empty area under a column of coins. If a match-3 is formed, those coins disappear, but otherwise, the new coin is added to the game as well.

There are easy and hard difficulty levels for each of the 3 game modes in 180. In endless mode, coins move towards the bottom of the screen constantly and you have to destroy them before they reach the red line. After clearing a certain number of coins, you level up, and the coins start moving down faster. Score attack mode is essentially the same as endless mode except for that there is a timer for 90 seconds. In drop attack mode, you add points from the game area to score points. You also have a choice of playing as one of 4 characters, even though the choice of characters has no impact on the game whatsoever.

Headcase Games did a wonderful job in creating unique and polished graphics for 180. The coins, backgrounds, characters, and menus all fit in perfectly to the theme of the game. There are very clear instructions on how the game works, and you’ll be able to start playing immediately. However, the instructions show up every time you start playing a new game and never go away, which can get annoying after a while. Also, the sound effects get repetitive, although there is a convenient button on the start screen to turn them off. Other than that, there’s little not to like about this game. 180 has Openfeint integration with leaderboards and achievements that make playing the game a little more exciting than it already is.

Match-3 has become a very popular genre for games in the app store, and Headcase Games does a nice job of making a game that has many new features that aren’t present in most match-3 games. The different game modes and Openfeint integration in 180 adds replay value, and it’s nice to have several playable characters as well, even if they don’t do much. For only $0.99, this 4-Dimple game is certainly worth your time.

180: Reinventing Match-3 Gaming, reviewed by Felix Xiao on 2010-08-02T21:43:50+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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