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2XL TrophyLite Rally: Impressive In Mechanic Lacking In Challenge
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2XL TrophyLite Rally, the new rally-style racing game from 2XL Games, is now available from the app store. While we loved the tight handling of the vehicles and the track designs, there was simply no competition to speak of, turning what could have been a fierce battle for first into a Sunday drive.

2XL TrophyLite Rally Pros:

  • Great visuals
  • Tight controls
  • Various vehicles
  • Impressive level design

2XL TrophyLite Rally Cons:

  • Too easy to win
  • Upgrades only matter in Pro level
  • Brake pedal is unnecessary
  • Not enough challenge
  • Multiplayer is local only
  • Too expensive for what it offers

TrophyLite Rally offers 3 racing modes: Arcade, Career, and Multiplayer. Arcade allows you to race any of the five available tracks, choosing from over 30 different vehicles. Each vehicle is upgradeable with respect to Acceleration and Top Speed. You can opt for Time Trials to set a new record or Race to challenge the AI to the finish line. You can select the number of laps to run and the difficulty level (Amateur, Semi Pro, or Pro). Career sets you on a pre-determined path through 15 races. You must start as an Amateur and win the races to unlock higher difficulty levels and earn upgrade points for your vehicle. Multiplayer mode offers local wi-fi games for you and your friends. We were unable to test this portion of the game.

The races are pretty standard, featuring multiple camera angles toggled by tapping the upper right corner of the screen. You receive assistance in the form of signs indicating what type of turn is coming up next, from hard rights to hairpins and S-curves. You can toggle on a voice to alert you to these turns if you like. Most races average between 4-6 minutes to complete, typically with checkpoints along the way. As you do not start with a group of racers, you’ll note that passing vehicles that you see along the way doesn’t necessarily mean that you have improved your standing or that you were ever out of first place. This was a bit disappointing, as we were hoping to have to fight our way to first and enjoy swapping paint with other racers. Instead, we spent most of the race by ourselves, running the course and getting position updates at checkpoints. Also disappointing was the ease with which we were winning races. Anything that we ran in Amateur or Semi-Pro levels were automatic wins, even with zero upgrades to our vehicle. These races weren’t even close, with the margin of victory usually in the 15 second range. Attempting Pro with a base model vehicle was another story, as we could only muster a 4th place finish at best. While we had previously determined that the vehicles were interchangeable as far as abilities, it does seem that you need to upgrade your acceleration and speed to have any shot in the Pro circuit.

Graphically, the game is quite impressive, with terrific level design and appealing 3D visuals, including mood-setting skies, imposing rock faces, and dust trails from other vehicles. The various vehicle models added some freshness to the game, though with only 5 tracks and half of the camera angles being from inside your vehicle, you can get bored with the visuals quickly. The audio is nice, with a variety of upbeat tracks that will keep your toes tapping and your head bobbing. The controls offer 5 options: tilt for both right- and left-handed players, steering wheel for both right- and left-handed players, and split tilt, which puts the brake pedal on one side and the accelerator on the other. Regardless of which you prefer, you must hold down the accelerator for your vehicle to go. The brake pedal, on the other hand, is useless, as we have never once used it. The controls are very nice and drifting is a breeze. We’ve never felt so “in control” while drifting before and really enjoyed it. You can adjust the steering sensitivity, as well as toggle auto throttling and steering assist, which we suggest shutting off for a greater challenge.

While we did enjoy our time with the game, it was just overall too easy to win and didn’t offer the challenge that we craved. The vehicle types could have had their own unique abilities and strengths, which could have forced us to choose wisely based on the race or work harder to unlock different bodies. This aspect of the game was a big letdown. We anticipate spending a bit more time with the game, but don’t see this as a game with long-term replay value. There is an in-game achievement system, but the interface is drab and the scrolling is problematic. It’s just not enough incentive to keep us coming back for more. There are multiple profiles available, so you and some friends can maintain separate racing histories, which is always a welcome feature. A Real Rewards system is included, allowing you to sign-up to win prizes. Though we didn’t register, some players might see this as a nice bonus. At $7.99, 2XL TrophyLite Rally just felt overpriced for the limited appeal that it holds and the lack of challenging gameplay. At half that price, it might be a worthwhile value. TrophyLite Rally crosses the finish line with an underwhelming 3.5-Dimples.

2XL TrophyLite Rally: Impressive In Mechanic Lacking In Challenge, reviewed by AppSmile Team on 2010-06-17T16:09:59+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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