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Knight Rider Goes The Way Of The Revival Shows
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The Knight Rider franchise is certainly a strong one.  What began as a crime-fighting TV series in 1982 has lasted well into the 2000′s as a iconic man & car in black story. In fact, the original series proved to be so strong in staying power that the Knight Rider name has survived countless terrible remakes throughout the ’90′s and today.  Now Knight Rider has come to the iDevice screen as, you guessed it, a flop.

Knight Rider Pros:

  • Original series theme song

Knight Rider Cons:

  • Quirky controls
  • Top-down viewing angle
  • Overall uncomfortable gameplay

Developed by Hudson Entertainment, makers of notable iPhone apps like Bomberman Touch and the Aqua Forest series, Knight Rider puts players in the role of the show’s star Michael Knight.  Michael is just getting the hang of the hero life and needs to prove his worth throughout 15 missions.  These missions unlock bonus retro content like show clips.  Success in each mission is based on finding clues, chasing baddies while keeping K.I.T.T. in tact and healthy along the way.

The major issues with the game are its top-down viewing angle and quirky steering.  Wondering around city streets and avoiding objects without being able to see 10 meters in front of you doesn’t cut it.  This style gaming worked on older console games but proves to be very frustrating on the small screen.  Steering is accomplished by sliding your finger across a virtual steering wheel at the bottom left of the display.  The entire experience doesn’t come off well on the iPhone and frankly the only thing keeping our interest is the authentice Knight Rider theme song.

Other than the main soundtrack, sound effects consist mostly of crashing sounds when K.I.T.T. hits other vehicles and objects and tire squealing around corners.  Dialoge between Michael and K.I.T.T. takes place often and is displayed as text on screen.  In our eyes Hudson missed a great opportunity to redeem this app by using William Daniels voice as the famed vehicle.  Unfortunately, any real ties to the original series besides the song are sorely lacking.

Well, let’s just chalk up this up as another episode in the Knight Rider topsy turvy saga and look forward to more revivals waiting over the horizon.  In its current form, we can only hand Knight Rider 2.5 Dimples and think about what could have been…

Knight Rider Goes The Way Of The Revival Shows, reviewed by AppSmile Team on 2010-06-07T19:38:05+00:00 rating 2.5 out of 5

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