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Hit N’Run: The Only Cool Way To Road Rage
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Hit N’Run, an exciting racer from Mitkin & Petrov Productions, is now available from the app store. Smooth tilt controls and a fast-paced avoid-this, hit-that dynamic makes for a pleasantly enjoyable game.

Hit N’Run Pros:

  • Fun gameplay
  • Nice graphics
  • Cool music
  • Tilt controls work very well
  • Calibration option

Hit N’Run Cons:

  • Hard to tell red and orange apart at times
  • Lacking a proper tutorial

Hit N’Run includes three game modes (Sprint, Free Ride, and Time Trial) with two difficulty options (Normal and Advanced). Sprint mode contains a distinct end point, requiring you to rack up as many points as possible before running out of road. Free Ride is the same as Sprint, except with the end point removed. You will continue driving until your crash count ends the game. Time Trial will test your speed in getting to the finish line while avoiding cars. Gameplay revolves around your sports car, which is speeding down a crowded stretch of road. The color of your car indicates the color of the car that you are trying to run into. An indicator in the upper right corner also shows the color of the target car, as well as the next three upcoming color targets. Points are earned for hitting a matching car, with extra points for speed and distance traveled. Crashing into a car of a different color will damage your vehicle. Three instances of damage will result in a crash, leading to a restart from the shoulder. Three crashes will end the game. The shoulder will significantly slow your car, though this can be a helpful last resort to avoid hitting the wrong vehicle. The shoulder also contains various bonuses, which can have either positive or negative effects on your trip.

Graphically, the game looks very polished, with bold colors, a clean interface, and smooth animations. There are various car types with which to contend, each with unique sizes and speeds. Multicolored cars can affect gameplay, as well as act as a wildcar (get it?). You can even choose from multiple viewpoints at the touch of a button. The soundtrack does a great job of building tension without getting in the way of the gameplay. The expected car honks, screeching wheels, and various car-related sound effects are also present. There are two control schemes, one that uses only tilt to control your vehicle and one that combines tilt and touch controls, offering an on-screen brake button. We tried both and found that they both worked well, though we preferred tilt only. The car responded well and we found it fairly easy to weave in and out of tight spaces with confidence. An option to calibrate the tilt controls gives you the freedom to play in any position, too.

Our only real complaint is that telling red and orange apart on a motorcycle rider can be difficult. It would be nice if the color were more easily differentiated on the small vehicle. A short tutorial that explains the goals of the different game modes, as well as the effects of the available power-ups, would also be appreciated.

Replay value is pretty good, with Agon utilized for leaderboards, tracking scores in the three game modes, as well as best odometer and speedometer readings. There are also a small handful of awards to claim, most of which involve combos and distance traveled. The game is a blast to play and offers a good amount of value for its paltry $0.99 price. Hit N’Run takes the 5-Dimple checkered flag.

Hit N’Run: The Only Cool Way To Road Rage, reviewed by AppSmile Team on 2010-05-24T17:45:36+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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