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iBlast Moki HD: A Wonderful iPad Puzzle Quest
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Little by little, our favorite iPhone titles are making their way to the iPad. We’ve seen varied development approaches to these HD versions. On the one hand, we’ve seen some pretty bad iPad renditions which look more like pixilated giant oaf relatives to their iPhone siblings. On the other hand some developers are grabbing hold of the iPhone OS 3.2 reigns. Taking advantage of the increased screen real estate, screen resolution, and added OS capabilities, these developers are delivering some hot iPad-specific apps. Lying in the later realm is iBlast Moki HD by Godzilab. While not introducing any new gameplay features per se, this iPad-only app looks and feels well situated on Apple’s new hardware. In fact, while we think iBlast Moki is one of the more enveloping games for iPhone, on the iPad it definitely has found more room to stretch out and get comfortable.

iBlast Moki HD Pros:

  • Improved Level Editor experience
  • Great controls lend themselves to iPad size
  • 85 levels of bomb-filled puzzling madness

iBlast Moki HD Cons:

  • None as of this review

If you haven’t played iBlast Moki yet, our initial review covered the basic premise…

“The goal in iBlast Moki is to detonate bombs that you’ve placed within the scene to force the Mokis into contact with a red swirly space. Your speed in accomplishing the task determines whether you receive a gold, silver, or bronze medal. There are five worlds with varying locations, each unlockable once the previous world has been conquered, as well as the final Mokitozer. As you progress through the game, the levels get increasingly more difficult, requiring more than just a bomb or two. In later stages, you must use items like rope and balloons to complete the levels. You will need to string together a series of events in order to safely move the Moki from its starting position to the red swirl. Bomb detonation can be, and in most cases must be, delayed until certain events transpire which move the Moki into a specific location. All bomb delays are set before beginning the level. Failure to transfer the Moki to the red swirl requires you to try again until you get it right, tweaking bomb delays and placement until you find a successful arrangement. You’ll go far with lots of strategy and a little bit of luck. The speed and the number of bonuses you collect will grant you a gold, silver, or bronze medal. For example, collect all the flowers in a level while on your way to the goal and get a silver or gold (if completed quickly enough).”

The visuals in all 85 HD levels are more impressive on the big screen. The fantastic soundtrack from the original is included and resonates beautifully from the iPad’s speakers. The device’s large viewing area also lends itself to improved Moki control. Drag your items from the sidebar and place them in the game screen. Drag to see other parts of the level, pinch to zoom. Draw circles around the bombs to increase/decrease the delay. When you are set, tap the bomb button and see if you were successful or not.

We feel the most improved aspect of iBlast Moki HD is the included level editor. Here you can make your own levels or download levels created by other players. A level editor instruction menu is included to walk you through the ins and outs of Moki creation bliss. Building a custom level is a breeze on the iPad and should provide tons of replayability.

Godzilab has done a great job transforming iBlast Moki for the iPad. Vibrant colors, a catchy soundtrack, and hours of puzzling fun made iBlast Moki one of our favorite iPhone games. The HD version takes all these features to the iPad’s larger playing field to deliver a wonderful adventure in bomb-blasting. At its current price of $4.99, we give iBlast Moki HD our 5-Dimple rating.

iBlast Moki HD: A Wonderful iPad Puzzle Quest, reviewed by AppSmile Team on 2010-04-22T05:32:56+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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