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Touch Racing Nitro: Tons Of Potential Hampered By Flawed Controls
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Bravo Games’ new racer Touch Racing Nitro looks great, but will the controls turn this champion of a game into a spin-out?

Touch Racing Nitro Pros:

  • Nice Graphics
  • Many Different Tracks and Environments

Touch Racing Nitro Cons:

  • Menu Buttons are almost unresponsive
  • Unique but Poor Gameplay

Touch Racing Nitro loads quickly and opens to simple menu screen.  From here you can edit the options or launch into a game. When choosing a car, we found that the menu buttons were very difficult to push and sometimes all-together unresponsive. There are two modes of gameplay, Tournament and Time Trial. Both are great fun but our favorite was the Tournament. In this mode, you drive through a series of races to determine the champion by the most wins. There are a wide variety of unique and intricate tracks and environments which makes for great replayability. The graphics throughout the game and menus are nice, but the in-race graphics are wonderful and smooth.  We got the feeling that we’re watching R-C cars on a track. Another neat feature that Bravo put into the game is the ability to customize your car from a myriad of looks before the race.

Now let’s cruise over to the actual control of the car. Bravo Games tried something new on the controls and, while we appreciate their creativity, we didn’t appreciate the result. Players control cars by holding their fingers in front of the car and then moving it in the direction you want the car to turn. This is extremely difficult. Even after figuring out to use two thumbs, one for each side of the screen, we still had trouble getting the car where we wanted it to go. The control problems could easily be remedied by initializing accelerometer steering or a “D-Pad” as options, however we do believe that it could take away from the uniqueness of the game. Throughout the races players can and sometimes will have to catch nitro to speed over jumps in the track. We also enjoyed the music throughout the game, from the sound of the engines to the menu soundtrack.

One feature that we would really love to see is the addition of online head-to-head multiplayer such as in Raging Thunder and other racing apps. This would provide endless replayability with all the other Touch Racing Nitro users. Although there are no leaderboards or achievements, throughout the review we didn’t feel any real need for them and we applaud Bravo’s not putting in useless achievements.

Overall, Touch Racing Nitro has wonderful potential that we feel can be reached with a few app updates. It’s a little steep at $3.99, and we recommend waiting for an update.

Touch Racing Nitro: Tons Of Potential Hampered By Flawed Controls, reviewed by AppSmile Team on 2010-04-16T08:11:25+00:00 rating 3.0 out of 5

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