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Monster Trucks Nitro 2 In The Running For Best Game Of 2010
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RedLynx this week released the follow up to their car-smashing iPhone game Monster Trucks Nitro. In virtually all areas Monster Trucks Nitro 2 goes above and beyond its predecessor. Actually, this is one game that may have earned a permanent place on our iPhone.

Monster Trucks Nitro 2 Pros:

  • 60 possible race scenarios
  • Amazingly gorgeous visuals -- can we say that about monster trucks?
  • Smooth frame rate
  • Awesome physics-based environment interaction
  • Explosions!

Monster Trucks Nitro 2 Cons:

  • None as of this review

Monster Trucks Nitro 2 is the best monster truck themed game we’ve played. In fact, this may be our favorite racing game of 2010 so far. Right from the initial launch, Monster Trucks Nitro 2 reels you into the action with an animated menu screen and audio announcement “Welcome to Monster Trucks Nitro 2!”. This announcer voice sticks around for most of the game but first he’ll walk you through the tutorial screens. Here’s where you’ll learn to control your 4-wheeled beasts. Four of them are available and ready for destruction. There are 20 unique tracks with three difficulty, or sprint, levels each. Four tracks are initially unlocked while the rest have entry fees. On each track, Players are pitted against a ghost opponent truck and must finish the in-line course first to progress to the next sprint.

Along the course, wrecked cars, structures, barrels, and other obstacles stand in your way. These must be cleverly overcome by hitting them at just the right angle. Failing to do so will slow you down enough for the competition to catch up. Aiding in your battle are ramps that can successfully launch your rig over and above any roadblocks. Nitro bottles are also placed throughout each track. Be careful not to accidentally jump over them because you’ll need the quick speed boost. Flipping your truck is another means of NOS power. That’s right; on larger ramps and hills you can flip your vehicle by tilting the iDevice. Landing properly on at least two wheels is enough to earn the nitro boost. An accelerator lever can be accessed at the bottom of the screen and moves horizontally to adjust speed. This departure from a traditional push-pedal speed control is no doubt utilized to set a constant speed. However, we found little reason to touch it as full-throttle is what we’re looking for in a demolition outing.

Our main complaints about the original Monster Trucks Nitro were the touchy accelerometer and jerky frame rate. With the better visual renderings and increased details in MTN2 we had our doubts this would deliver any better. Boy, we’re we wrong. Not only does Monster Trucks Nitro 2 deliver an outstanding race experience, it goes over the top with camera panning/zooming effects, physics-based environment interaction, and car explosions to boot. We found ourselves replaying levels again and again just to watch the destruction left in our wake.

Controls are smooth and responsive. Tilting the iDevice will easily lift the front of the vehicle to wheelie over obstacles. Tilting in-air will commence end-over-end flipping. Taping once on the middle of the screen will bring up the pause game and menu options. Sounds are impressive. As we mentioned an announcer will accompany you throughout the game and this really ups the excitement factor. Engine roaring, car crushing, and nitro boosting sound effects are generously present.

Upping the replay value of Monster Trucks Nitro 2 is an online leaderboard system. National and Global Leagues let you compete within your country or on a world-wide scale respectively. You can even create your own private leagues to challenge friends. Achievements are also built in to MTN2 but are not connected online. These Awards are unlocked by cash or number of wins in a certain category. Earn over $100,000 to get yourself a stars and stripes paint scheme, for example.

If we sound like we’re gushing, we are. The original had so much unrealized potential and Monster Trucks Nitro 2 meets and exceeds said potential. For the current price of $2.99 it would be foolish not to enter the arena and fuel your demolition desires. Monster Trucks Nitro 2 wins our much anticipated and much earned 5-Dimple rating.

Monster Trucks Nitro 2 In The Running For Best Game Of 2010, reviewed by AppSmile Team on 2010-04-08T13:00:51+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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