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Super Search 60: Timed Increments Of Timeless Fun
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While a certain striped four-eyed  hidden-object app (with less than stellar ratings) tops the app store charts, we have another one that may be more worthy of the crown: Super Search 60 Unlimited by KlickTock.  Bright and clear graphics, pick-up-and-play ease, and online competition make this app one that shouldn’t be so hard to find.

Super Search 60 Unlimited Pros:

  • Clear and clean graphics
  • Bright happy colors
  • Nice arcade-sytle sound effects
  • Smooth visuals and response
  • Facebook Connect with global leaderboards

Super Search 60 Unlimited Cons:

  • No Twitter connectivity
  • One difficulty mode
  • No soundtrack

Hidden object games are perfectly suited for the iPhone.  The high res screen and touch interface work extremely well as gamers browse and discover amidst a cluttered array of items.  Super Search 60 Unlimited presents 9 rows and 7 columns of objects totaling 63 in all.  Players have 60 seconds to find as many of the target objects as they can.  The top of the board displays the current object cue.  For instance, the cue may read “apple x 2”, which challenges you to find two apples in order to move on to the next command.  This proves to be more difficult than expected as objects of the same type can vary in color.  Taping multiple objects in quick succession will trigger multipliers that can substantially boost your score.  While you can pause the game if interrupted, the pause screen does not display the game board – so no cheating allowed.

Super Search 60 Unlimited’s user interface is straight forward and attractive.  The main menu offers the ability to connect to your Facebook account or play offline.  Once into the game, the touch responses were precise and we experienced no apparent lag time.  We counted well over 30 different objects on screen at any given moment.  Considering that each item can vary in color, the challenge is virtually endless.  The game experience will be different each time you play Super Search 60 Unlimited.  Skill comes in the ability to train your eye to quickly spot and tap items.

KlickTock have done a great job at integrating Facebook into the interface.  If you choose to connect your Facebook account the app, you’ll have the opportunity to browse and post to the online leaderbaords.  As opposed to other apps that simply let you post your score to your Facebook wall, Super Search 60 Unlimited presents weekly top scores and achievements that certainly up the app’s replay value.  We found ourselves repeatedly tapping the “play again” button just to creep up the charts.  If you’re offline, the app will submit your scores the next time you connect.

Some revisions we would like to see in future updates include difficulty modes, based on object size, a soundtrack, and Twitter connectivity.  In spite of those current omissions, Super Search 60 Unlimited tackles everything we look for in a quality hidden object game.  Oh, and what’s the “Unlimited” refer to?  Super Search 60 also has a free version that allows gameplay limited to 20 minutes a week, a great way to check out Super Search 60 with no commitment.  Overall, it’s not hard to find 4-Dimples worth of fun in this app!

At the time of this unbiased review KlickTock was one of our paid sponsors.

Super Search 60: Timed Increments Of Timeless Fun, reviewed by AppSmile Team on 2010-03-24T17:22:58+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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