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Battle Of Puppets A Castle Defense Showstopper
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Battle of Puppets, a strategic combat game where you must effectively manage resources both to destroy the enemy’s castle and protect your own, has been released by Small Wonders and is available from the app store. Using outstanding theater-based art design, terrific music, and enjoyable gameplay where several factors can affect the outcome of the battle, Battle of Puppets is poised to become a top offering in the strategy games genre.

Battle of Puppets Pros:

  • Top notch art design and visual effects
  • Fantastic animations of the characters, backgrounds, and battles
  • Multiple game save slots
  • Various opera-based musical tracks

Battle of Puppets Cons:

  • None as of this review

You must choose one of five different operas as you travel among 22 cities where your battles will play out against a cast of characters from another opera in front of a packed theater. You must protect your castle at stage right while deploying puppets to defeat the enemy and destroy the castle at stage left. As time passes and you delve farther into enemy territory, you earn coins and popularity points which can be used to purchase new puppets. There are puppets of varying strengths, whose abilities are in direct correlation to their cost. Depending on which puppets your opponent has released, you’ll need to decide which you would like to send forth based upon the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.

Battles play out on stage as the opera-specific music tracks play in the background. When a puppet is defeated, a rope hoists him into the rafters above the stage, never to be seen again. Tapping on specific puppets will bring up stats at screen bottom regarding remaining life, but given the way the puppets tend to bunch, it’s difficult to tell which puppet you’ve tapped and some just cannot be tapped because they are behind other puppets. There is a map at the screen bottom indicating the position of each of the puppets on stage so that you can get an idea of the current layout at a glance.

There are a handful of notable features that impact the game, and your strategy, as well. There are 6 unlockable professions with gesture-based skills that can assist you in battle. You obtain these skills by destroying the castle in a city that has one of the profession’s symbols by its name in the map menu. The earned abilities include stunning troops, repairing your own puppets, quicker advance of puppets, slower advance of enemies, and even dropping a sack on the enemy. There is a tutorial to explain the use of these spells. The weather conditions of the city where you are battling can also have a significant effect on your ability to defeat the enemy, as each opera cast has an ideal weather pattern in which they are most effective. There are 3 game modes (Battleground, Survive, and Fast Battleground) and 3 difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, and Hard). The game is very fluid and easy to navigate.

Graphically, Battle of Puppets is top notch in terms of art design and visual effects. Animations of the characters, backgrounds, and battles are great. Each battle scene uses different settings based on the chosen opera, with distinct character types specific to that opera and backgrounds that look like they could have been lifted from an actual theater. Day and night effects are also present, impacting weather and adding character and authenticity to the game. Tapping on your castle drops options on ropes from above the stage. Tapping them allows you to create and release a phuppet or fortify your castle. When a profession is available to use, double-tap the screen and then draw on the screen in the manner that brings about the desired outcome. The soundtrack is great and helps to create an immersive atmosphere.

Replay value is decent, as you can replay on difficulty levels and as different operas, attempting to employ various strategic abilities to find success again and again. There are 3 save slots to allow multiple people to play Battle Puppets without affecting anyone else’s stats. OpenFeint incorporation of global leader boards and achievements has been added to version 1.2. At $1.99, Battle of Puppets is a terrific value and a solid 5-Dimple showstopper.

Battle Of Puppets A Castle Defense Showstopper, reviewed by AppSmile Team on 2010-02-21T16:54:00+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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