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Momento: The Beautiful Journal You’ll Want To Keep
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Momento by d3i is an app built to help you remember the memorable times in your life. On the most basic level, it lets you jot down notes and keeps them for you in a calendar. There are some additional ways to add more information to these entries – tagging by person, place, keyword, even taking and adding a picture from your iPhone camera.

Momento Pros:

  • Import feeds from social networks
  • Beautiful interface elements
  • Does what it does very well and keeps itself out of the way when you have something to say

Momento Cons:

  • None at the time of this review

What’s more interesting, however, is Momento’s ability to import feeds from other social networks. As of now, Momento supports Twitter, Facebook status updates, Flickr uploads, and liked tracks. The genius of this feature is to allow you to begin keeping a journal without doing anything extra – your current social activity is consolidated into one list. Even better, Momento can download all your previous activity from those services, effectively building you a journal that can go back years.

It seems that the best way to use Momento is somewhere between the two extremes (of exclusively posting your own updates, or relying solely on Twitter & Facebook to generate your journal) – I found it great to have my online activity in front of me, but also found Momento a good place to put my private thoughts. With social services, by their very nature, being very open, I value this all the more.

Momento wraps up all of this within some of the most beautiful interface elements yet seen in an app. From the subtle pastel colors, minimalist gray rules, and soft sounds, Momento does what it does very well and keeps itself out of the way when you have something to say.

Momento: The Beautiful Journal You'll Want To Keep, reviewed by AppSmile Team on 2010-01-03T16:47:14+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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