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iPhone App Reviews: Glyder 2 Even More Impressive Than The Original


Glyder 2, the sequel to Glu Mobile’s popular personal flight game, has recently hit the app store. Offering the same great soaring experience as the original, coupled with improved graphics, even more beautiful environments, and some fun new gaming challenges, anyone who was a fan of the original should feel right at home with this new version.


There are six unique, open-world environments for our returning heroine, Eryn, to explore as she tries to return home. Whether enjoying a relaxing flight or attempting to collect all of the gems scattered throughout each level to open the portal home, you’ll find it easy to lose yourself within the tranquil realms. The mechanics by which you control Eryn are intuitively simple. Utilizing the accelerometer, you tilt the screen forward to dive, toward you to climb, and left or right to turn. You can only climb for so long before losing speed and stalling. Simply dive again to build speed before pulling up to climb to higher regions. There are also various thermal drafts that will push you skyward. Fear not if it takes a bit of time to get a really good handle on the controls; there is no time limit within which you must meet your goals. You’ll need strategy and a bit of luck to complete each level, as it always seems that a few of the gems are in difficult places to reach without crashing or catching a thermal that pushes us farther away. You can also enjoy racing and completing various tasks if you feel the need to impose a goal upon yourself.


The game graphics are gorgeous. It’s as if you are in some sort of dream state, where you reside in an idealized locale high above the clouds. Colors are vibrant and everything looks pure and clean. The smooth framerate serves to keep you immersed in the game without reminding you that your butt is parked in a chair and you’re holding a mobile device. Eryn’s look can be visibly altered, with different outfits and wings unlocked through the course of play. The wings actually possess attributes that make one set better than another for various activities, like turning, diving, and climbing. The soundtrack further enhances the relaxing, dreamy scene, though you can play your own music if you prefer. As mentioned, the controls are simple to use, yet take some time to really master.


Replay value is very high, as the game itself is perfect for killing a few minutes or a few hours. There is an achievement system with more than 40 rewards covering a wide range of behaviors. Quests and minigames are found throughout the game, offering fresh challenges and distractions from collecting gems. The one thing we found most difficult was judging how close we were to actually colliding with objects. Despite a subtle pull up warning, there is really no way to tell exactly how close we come to slamming into solid objects. Though it plays very much like the original, there are enough new additions to attract fans and newcomers alike. Glyder 2 is available for $2.99, a terrific value in our opinion. Glyder 2 soars to a sky-high, 5-Dimple platform.

Glyder 2 Pros:

  • Gorgeous dream-like graphics
  • Super smooth framerate
  • Unlockable character styles and abilities
  • Nice included soundtrack and iPod library availability
  • Simple but skill-driven controls
  • Achievements
  • Minigames

Glyder 2 Cons:

  • Depth perception hiccups

Glyder 2gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating:

iPhone App Reviews: Glyder 2 Even More Impressive Than The Original, reviewed by AppSmile Team on 2009-12-31T20:41:28+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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