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News: AppSmile Favorite Bounce On World 5 Out! Bounce On 2 Coming


One of our favorite platformers, Bounce On ,has had a surprise update that has added some significant new features. Team Phobic, creators of Bounce On, have a long history of faithfully updating their beloved platformer since it’s initial release in December 2008. Originally a one-world adventure, new worlds were added at pretty regular intervals. The most recent World 4 was added 6 months prior to the newly added World 5.

Screen shot 2009-12-10 at 7.22.11 AM

Team Phobic describes that the hero “continues his journey into the frozen peaks.” This is the last World update for Bounce On. However, the creators have let the cat out of the bag about Bounce On 2. We don’t have a specific release date for the sequal, but the original 75 levels should keep us going until then. Below are listed the latest updates to Bounce On:

Bounce On is now Plus+ enabled. The Plus+ network combines the best
features of an online gaming environment with the sharing and virality
of traditional social networks.

Achievements, leader-boards, and online data store are supported via
Plus+ in Bounce On.

- World 5 is out!
- 11 new levels including new boss
- New enemies
- New main menu
- Added cinematics menu
- New music
- New world 1 graphics
- Door timers in World 4
- Some levels made easier
- Bug fixes

Having trouble with some levels? You can unlock all the worlds by
tapping a gem in the about screen, then return to the about screen and
tap the other gem.

If you haven’t picked up this 5-Dimple all-star yet, we recommend you don’t wait another minute.

Bounce On

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